Protests on the Border – Families of those arrested protest presence of GAFES

Families of detained NL police protest Families of detained NL police protest at Bridge 1

Families of the officers and civilian employees of the Nuevo Laredo Municpal Police, who were arrested Saturday staged a protest today in front of the military barracks and at the Bridge of the America’s.

Saturday, 4 officers and 7 civilians were detained and accused of passing classified information concerning police and military movements to the cartels.

Read the story in Spanish as reported by El Manana de Nuevo Laredo

I find it interesting to note that El Manana is reporting this protest was organized by family members of those detained by the Federal Forces. That is not surprising.

I made a trip to Reynosa over the weekend. A quick trip, there and back. As always, I took Mexico Hwy 2.

In Camargo, there is a toll bridge where the military had set up a check point north and south. I experienced no problems going to Reynosa. Coming back however, my car was searched. The soldiers were very polite and professional and offered their thanks for my cooperation.

North of Reynosa, the Federal Security Forces of the PFP had another checkpoint in operation. This time, I was waved through in both directions. But these guys appeared serious about interdicting drugs, arms and whatever other contraband they found.

I spoke with a friend of mine the other day who is a Professor in Rio Bravo, the town that has seen a spike in cartel violence in recent weeks. She advised me that soldiers and Federal officers were going house to house, questioning residents and when appropriate, doing searched of the premises.

Returning to Nuevo Laredo on Hwy 85 on the southern edge of NL, there were troop carriers with at least 100 soldiers preparing to set up checks on that highway or perhaps were planning a raid on one of the ranchos in that area.

This area south of town has been the scene of several raids in the past year where evidence of cartel activities have been discovered.

The word on the street and in the news is the people of Mexico are fed up with the violence of the cartels and the corruption associated with them and they are asking the government to use a heavy hand in dealing with the cartels

They crossed the line last week when they murdered not only the Police Commander in Tijuana, but also his wife and two young children and terrorized a nearby school.

And for those who said in the article they can’t have fun anymore, I don’t see why not. This comment was made in response to the Federal troops entering a popular nightclub in Nuevo Laredo Saturday night called the Silverado, a known hangout for bad guys.

Get used to it! Whatever it takes to restore the peace along the border. You can’t have it both ways