Photolog of REAL Mexican trucks (59 photos-RAW)

In an earlier post, we reported that our old friend and adversary was planning to pass the weekend in El Paso taking photos of the “real” Mexican trucks that we all could expect to see on our highways in the future if the Demonstration Project is allowed to succeed.

Rusty stated on the Trucking Bozo show that he had no intention of crossing the border but was going to obtain photographic proof from the El Paso side. And we all know what that means don’t we? Thass right! Photos of all the border shuttle trucks he can find that meet his criteria for junk.


We also learned, some other characters from south Arkansas were planning to pass the weekend in South Texas, no doubt to help Rusty Wade in his quest for as many Mexican truck photos he can gather. And we know what these people think about Mexicans so we know what they will produce.

With that in mind, We took an afternoon and just drove around the city, running some errands, enjoying the wonderful weather we’re having, and with camera in hand, looking for the real Mexican truck! And I am not ashamed to admit, I was in for a few nice surprises.

With the media event Secretary of Transportation Mary Peters staged in Washington this past week on everyones mind and the opponents are continuing to find new ways to make it seem a non event, I had that in mind as we drove around.

And the question that kept bugging me was, “Was it really a dog and pony show, are was their truth in the presentation.”?

Well as this gallery of photos will show, the truck that Mary Peters used is actually very representative of the trucks which will be allowed access to the United States, beacause every major company in Mexico is operating with late model, 2005 -2007 rigs. It was not a “dog and pony show”, but actually showed the attendees, what a Mexican truck is, and it is almost identical to ours.

Anything else is nonsense! The drivers are well qualified professionals. This nonsense about security is just that, nonsense. These guys have been vetted in every way possible.

The 16% figure regarding licenses not being available in the LFIS is a non issue. For if FMCSA and Homeland Security could not check the background of these people during the PASA, they were not allowed to participate. That is a fact and Jerome Corsi and the rest be damned! They choose to ignore the facts!

Others who have changed the direction of their amateurish website to post anything negative they can find about Mexico are falling right into our hands. Certainly drugs cross the border, but do trucks bring them? No they do not! And when they do, they’re caught. The same for the buses. So keep up the good work people.

But here are the photos, the indisputable truth about the equipment in everyday service by Mexican line haul carriers.