Calderón bid returns to its roots

GUADALAJARA, Mexico — To the cheers of thousands of supporters and a serenade of mariachi music, presidential candidate Felipe Calderón ended a journey Wednesday night he had launched here almost by accident two years ago.During a 2004 visit to the country’s second-largest city as the nation’s energy minister, Calderón was singled out by the state

Walkout Begins Nationwide!

Demonstrators began to rally Monday against a proposed crackdown on illegal immigration, boycotting jobs, schools and businesses as a way to show the economic power of immigrants. Organizers predicted unprecedented participation in Monday’s rallies, saying people in many cities would join the protests. “It will be tens of millions from coast to coast, from Los

Millions expected to walk out!

Organizers predict unprecedented rallies to support immigrants Organizers are predicting an unprecedented turnout for Monday’s rallies against a proposed crackdown on illegal immigration and a widespread boycott of jobs, schools and businesses meant to show the economic power of immigrants. “It will be tens of millions from coast to coast, from Los Angeles to New

Advocates divided on boycott for immigrants

Nearly three decades ago, Salvador García spent a month desperately lost in the Arizona desert after an illegal border crossing into the United States.García, 13 at the time, said he barely survived the harrowing trek. He ate desert brush, drank his own urine and fended off coyotes waiting for him to succumb to the elements.

Newspapers in Mexico


Property ownership in Mexico

A Fideicomiso (trust) is required to own property near the beach.  Foreigners cannot hold property near the Mexican coast in their name. To handle this problem, the major banks provide a trust service for which the buyer pays an initial fee of about US$2,000 to $4,000 and annual fees of $150 to $500, depending on

Smuggler’s Blues

Mexican women recruited as narcotics couriers often end up in prison, where they become forgotten soldiers in drug fight TIJUANA – There was something odd about the young woman who flew in alone from Guanajuato state. Her face was thin, but her body was not. When she went to claim her luggage at A.L. Rodriguez

A cop marked for death

Mexican who broke the code of collusion between some law officials and drug gangs now lives in fear of a bullet MEXICALI – Mexican police Officer José Luis Montoya sometimes imagines how the drug traffickers could kill him. “I have practically seen my own death in my dreams. It will be when I am getting

A Coyote’s Tale

Dressed casually in a pair of jogging pants and T-shirt, Alfonso Marcial’s appearance belies the extraordinary experiences of his life By the age of 16, he was already on his own. Fleeing the poverty of his native Jalisco state on Mexico’s Pacific Coast, he arrived in Tijuana alone and with no money. He was forced

Crossing “La Linea”

Despite risks, hundreds of thousands of migrants cross border illegally to work and live in the United States Jose and his wife, Angela, huddle under a small makeshift tent on the sand at Playas de Tijuana, the rusted fence that divides the United States and Mexico confronting them. Above them, white skulls, each with a

Temporary migrant’s stay may end soon

After starting out as an illegal border crosser more than a decade ago, Elwin is content with his life as a legal immigrant in San Antonio — he makes enough to live comfortably while sustaining his extended family back in Honduras. In fact, he had hoped his work ethic and law-abiding attitude would eventually land

Mexico warns other countries not to interfere in elections

MEXICO CITY – A campaign commercial likening Mexican presidential front-runner Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador to socialist Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez is threatening to worsen already chilly relations between the two countries. On Wednesday, Mexican President Vicente Fox said through a spokesman that “the electoral process is only Mexicans’ business.” “No country can intervene in the

PRI hopeful losing ground in polls

Roberto Madrazo’s presidential bid in Mexico has been relegated to third place in the polls since official campaigning started, and a comeback even at this early stage seems difficult. The candidate of the Alliance for Mexico — a coalition formed by the Institutional Revolutionary Party, or PRI, and the Green Ecological Party of Mexico, or

PRD hopeful receives boost in polls

MEXICO CITY — Leftist Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador got a boost in his hopes to gain the presidency Monday with a new opinion poll showing him 10 points ahead of his closest rival and his party making a surprisingly strong showing in local elections in the nation’s most populous state. Analysts said the gains, which

President Fox under fire for plans to accept pension

MEXICO CITY – President Vicente Fox came under fire Tuesday for announcing that he would accept a lifelong pension from the government, a privilege previously enjoyed by Mexico’s leaders during seven decades of one-party rule. Former Mexico City Mayor Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, a left-leaning presidential candidate who has led most public opinion polls prior

PAN hopeful pledges tolerance for religion

MEXICO CITY — The National Action Party’s presidential candidate sought to shore up conservative support Wednesday by promising evangelical leaders his government would respect religion and be in line with Christian values. The son of a founding father of the right-wing party known as PAN, candidate Felipe Calderón met behind closed doors with 46 evangelical