Organizers of “Ride for the Constitution” seeking deniability for missing funds, all point the finger at Pete Santilli

Pete Santilli
“What would you do with $500k in illicit donations? I know what I would do and I ain’t telling” Internet talk show host Pete Santilli has been accused of absconding with up to $500,000.00 in allegedly fraudulently obtained donations, meant to help truckers participating in D.C. protests

The organizers of “Truckers to Shutdown America” later to be known as “Ride for the Constitution” seem to have been caught with their fingers in the donations cookie jar and now are scrambling for cover and pointing the finger at internet radio host Pete Santilli as the one responsible for what is alleged to be more than $500,000.00 in unaccounted for donations.

Before the movement was even underway and the manifestos of the organizers were made public, an admitted broker of domain names, Craig Rosenfeld of Nanuet New York quickly jumped in buying the domain and establishing a hastily built web presence to solicit donations for fuel to help truckers planning to attend the protest.

Mexico Trucker Online immediately saw this as a potential scam and warned my readers on this website and on the donations page.

A noble effort indeed if this was a valid job action, but the website DONATETRUCKFUEL also appears to be an effort by someone not remotely associated with the trucking industry to scam hard earned money from the pockets of America’s truckers.

The domain, DONATETRUCKFUEL was bought yesterday afternoon (9-19-2013) by an enterprising investor named Craig Rosenfeld of Nanuet, New York. Mr Rosenfeld also owns the doman and his email address is associated with 595 other domains in the whois database.

People, use some common sense if you have any, and don’t send any money to this cause. You’ll not be helping your fellow trucker and will only be benefiting a person who saw an opportunity to fleece you of you hard earned cash.

Of course, nobody wanted to listen. They were all wrapped up in the illusion of tens of thousands of trucks descending on Washington D.C. to demand impeachment of our President and other foolish notions.

All donations solicited were routed through organizer Zeeda Andrews personal PAYPAL account, This connects her positively to the effort to defraud donors.

Zeeda Andrews own words further solidly connect her to the scam. She also erroneously refers to Craig Rosenfeld as a trucker. Rosenfeld’s only apparent connection to trucking seems to be his ability to smell a money making opportunity before anyone else.

Hello Patriots! This is Zeeda Andrews the organizer of this event “Ride For The Constitution” I would like for everyone to understand that every penny donated for this event will be dispersed to the trucker on this ride. This is not a scam as others would like you to believe because they are government hired trolls to sway public opinion. Craig Rosenfeld is a trucker and a Patriot that made this website so that I could put my PayPal account button on it to start collecting donation. He has nothing to do with my account and never sees it I tell him how much that has collected for the the cause. He also wanted to put a counter for all to see because we are transparent and have nothing to hide. I appreciate his contribution of service and charitable act. I cannot possible run every aspect of this event it will take many hands to get the job done. I do have other sites that are just about completed for this event. I did not expect this event to be such an over night over whelming success it has only been 6 day of its birth. It took God 6 days to create the earth and prepare it for all the things man will need and rested on the 7th day. But I am just a mere woman that cannot do it alone

My God! The audacity of this woman, comparing herself, a mere mortal to God.

But now, the hammer has dropped and many of those who donated to her cause are demanding answers. Where is the money? Where is the accountability and transparency you promised as we donated in good faith? And where is Zeeda Andrews and her co-organizer Ben Pam?  No one knows. She didn’t appear at the protests she organized nor did Pam apparently. but as cries for an investigation and prosecution of Andrews  and her co-conspirators rises, she and Pam are backstepping away, proclaiming their innocence and pointing the finger of blame squarely a internet radio host and admitted “domestic terrorist”, Pete Santilli.

Founders say Pete Santilli ‘hijacked’ the ‘Truckers Ride for the Constitution’

In an article published today by Renee Nal, who is neither a trucker, nor has any association with the transportation industy,  continues her support of the protest in the above linked article. Nal, using her platform at which is not a valid news or information forum, continues to promote and defend this protest action and the organizers.

Zeeda Andrews and Ben Pam now claim their pages were hijacked and they were locked out leaving Santilli in charge of it all for personal gain.

However, here is the question.

Earl Conlen
Georgia trucker Earl Conlen who quickly put himself in the midst of the planned protest by proclaiming he was leading 3,000 truckers to Washington D.C. to arrest Congressmen under the authority of a “Citizens Grand Jury” but later admitted it was all a joke and a publicity stunt

The funds donated through the Rosenfeld established site, went directly into Zeeda Andrews personal account. Are we to believe that Andrews was stupid enough to allow Santilli access to her Paypal account? Santilli, a man she only had met over the telephone and on his radio program, but who she still trusted because he gave her an open forum for her wingnuttery? Personally, I don’t think so.

On his radio program the night before the protest, Santilli told Andrews and others to “go out and spend some money”.

Those that protest the loudest of their innocence are usually the ones consumed with the most guilt. So as Andrews, Pam and others continue in hiding and point the fingers at Pete Santilli, we need to remember, they’re all equally guilty, and if it can be established by the appropriate authorities that this was a conspiracy to defraud truckers and others of their hard earned money, the United States Department of Justice has no choice but to acknowledge and act upon the outrage of those who fell victim to these people.

Personally, I have no sympathy for those who donated, given the reason Andrews and her cohorts gave for the protest, which had little if nothing to do with the issue facing truckers today.

Santilli, Andrews, Pam, Earl Conlen and others seized upon the frustration of America’s truckers, using them as pawns to push their ultra right wing anti-government, anti-Obama and anti-American agenda, and they did so with a certain degree of success.

We also urge all of you to sign the petition urging the United States Department of Justice to investigate and charge Zeeda Andrews, Peter Santilli and any others involved in this criminal conspiracy.

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