Operation 30 DELTA to test 150,000 Mexican Transportation workers in July and August 2013

Operation 30 Delta in Mexico will test 150,000 transportation workers for drugs and alcoholWhat to some might seem a monumental undertaking is happening in Mexico during the months of June through August.

Know as “30 DELTA” by the Secretaria de Comunicacions y Transportes (SCT), the plan is to conduct more than 150,000 random and scheduled drug and alcohol tests encompassing all transportation workers from pilots, to truck and bus drivers, locomotive engineers and port workers.

Underway since June 26, drug and alcohol testing is being performed on pilots, flight attendants, air traffic controllers and ground crew members. This segment of “30 DELTA” is expected to conclude on August 28.

For the Federal motor carriers operators, testing began on July 6 and will conclude tomorrow, August 18. Testing is being conducted roadside on both toll roads and free highways, bus and rail terminals and port facilities throughout the country.

To achieve this laudable goal requires the assistance of more than 250 physicians nationwide and the support network of the 108 medical testing facilities around the country in addition to the use of 22 mobile medical units and ambulances equipped to conduct drug and alcohol testing. During the roadside testing, physicians and the Federal Police units assigned to ensure compliance will be looking for workers who might not be physically qualified to operate their commercial vehicles. Under Mexican law, a Federal Police officer can order the operator to undergo medical testing on the spot to determine their suitability for continued operation.

The Federal Police will provide support the medical technicians who are conducting testing on commercial operators and physicians while authorities with the  Directorate General of Civil Aviation will make certain airline personnel comply.

New rules published in the Federal Gazette on 5/10/2013 state that refusal to submit to testing such as this will result in suspension or revocation of the person Licencia Federal or other professional license.





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