OOIDA sends another letter blasting Secretary Ray LaHood on Mexican Pilot Program

OOIDA President Jim Johnston
"Aren't you putting the cart before the horse?" asks OOIDA President Jim Johnston in a letter to Secretary of Transportation Ray LaHood, whining about the upcoming Mexican Cross Border Pilot Program, which OOIDA's underhanded tactics have failed to stop. (Photo- Today's Trucking)

This is so ridiculous it borders on the absurd.

Yesterday, OOIDA President Jim Johnston sent a letter to Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood venting his frustrations at his associations failure to hoodwink Congress and the public into putting a stop to the cross border trucking program with Mexico.

Here’s some excerpts of the letter to LaHood:

Aren’t you getting the cart before the horse? How can the FMCSA utilize taxpayer
resources to review and process those applications or initiate the so-called pilot program in
any way before complying with the terms and conditions stipulated in Section 350 of Public
Law 107–87 and Section 6901 of Public Law 110–28 as well as Section 135 of Public Law

As we wrote in a previous article, it seems that FMCSA has fast tracked compliance with the USDOT/OIG’s suggestions contained in the report issued last week.

What OOIDA refers to as an “extensive list” was actually covered by FMCSA’s response to the OIG’s suggestions which were mostly administrative in nature.

Johnson concludes his whiny little rant to the Secretary with these words:

As the Secretary of Transportation you have repeatedly conveyed an expectation that
truckers in the United States strictly adhere to the laws and regulations of our nation. It is
disingenuous for your Department to not abide by those same expectations and to disregard
laws that Congress has put in place to ensure that Mexico-domiciled trucking companies
comply with the same standards that already apply to US-based companies.

I implore you to stop bending over backwards to accommodate Mexico-domiciled companies
and placate Mexico’s government. It is high time that your Department start prioritizing the
safety and well being of US-based trucking companies, truck drivers and citizens over the
economic interests of another country.

What is disingenuous in this case is for Johnston and his cronies at OOIDA to not accept the fact that FMCSA is holding the Mexican carriers to higher standards than are required of US and Canadian carriers.

And for from “ bending over backwards to accommodate Mexico-domiciled companies and placate Mexico’s government”, this administration is finally doing what’s right, acknowledging our international obligations and getting a program underway that should have been in place 11 years ago, except for the interference of groups like the Teamsters and OOIDA, with their continuing campaigns of fear mongering and misinformation.

What Johnston and the rest of those who oppose Mexican trucks for reasons other than what they publicly state, refuse to address, is the more than 25,000 jobs lost because of the perfectly legal retaliatory taxes Mexico instituted against 99 of our exports when the Obama administration, pandering to union interests, defunded the previous highly successful program.

Which lead me to wonder. What the hell is Johnston and OOIDA so damned scared of? That their steadily declining membership is not capable of competing with a handful of closely monitored, highly regulated carriers from Mexico? Or perhaps it’s because they’ve told the same lies for so long, that they actually believe them.

Whatever the case, OOIDA members should be up in arms at the idea of their membership dues being wasted on lawyers and lobbyists to try and stop this program that at this point, looks to be unstoppable.

Another reason might also be, that OOIDA is afraid that the Mexican carriers, with their superior safety records will make our industry look worse than it’s making itself look.

Senior Editor Jami Jones offers her 1.5 cents worth in this article over at OOIDA’s propaganda machine, LANDLINENOW, if anyone is interested


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