OOIDA PRESS RELEASE – Serious flaws in CSA will delay improvements to highway safety

Servicios Refrigerados Internacionales participant in Cross Border Pilot Program
Servicios Refrigerados Internacionales participant in Cross Border Pilot Program
The Owner Operators Independent Drivers Association (OOIDA) issued a press release this morning concerning comments it made to the House Transportation & Infrastructure Committee, during a recent hearing reviewing the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s enforcement and compliance program.

OOIDA says that the Compliance, Safety, Accountability (CSA) program has serious fundamental flaws that ignore safety as a true goal and because of its apparent bias against small-trucking companies. We agree wholeheartedly with OOIDA in their assessment of the CSA debacle.

Executive Vice President Todd Spencer stated;

“Instead of having all motor carriers strive for a perfect safety rating, this system has them all competing with each other for the highest ranking within peer groups. This belies the idea that the system’s objective is really about safety,”

For once in his life, Spencer is absolutely correct and Mexico Trucker Online supports his opinion of the CSA program.

According the the press release, OOIDA maintains that the CSA scoring system is prejudicial, arbitrary and disproportionately punishes small carriers. The system does not have a way for a carrier to have any ranking at all until a violation is cited by way of an inspection. This absence of a ranking for smaller carriers due to lack of exposure, or inspections, or simply by having only perfect clean inspections means they are overlooked by brokers or shippers, even if a particular carrier is actually a safe operator with a perfect safety record.

So the question that needs to be posed to OOIDA and it’s executive leadership is, if what you say is true, and there is no doubt about the truthfulness of the claims, then it would stand to reason that OOIDA’s continued use of the CSA scoring in the SMS BASICS to protest and attempt to block applicants to the Cross Border Pilot Program with Mexico is an egregious use of a system that they claim is  “prejudicial, arbitrary and disproportionately targets small carriers” which the majority of applicants into the Cross Border Pilot Program is.

Based upon OOIDA position on the CSA, then past, present and future comments and protests against Mexican carriers seeking entrance into the Cross Border Pilot Program, based on their SMS scores have no validity at all.

Or is this perhaps the “double standard” that Spencer is always claiming when talking about Mexican carriers.

Something to think about.  Words can come back to bite you in the ass!