OOIDA Mark Reddig tells you his delusional version of “the truth”

Mark Reddig of OOIDA has been well indoctrinated by the leadership of the association who for years have had a problem revealing the truth about Mexican trucks since the facts interfere with their exaggerated spin.

But today, on his blog, Mark Reddig is going to tell his version of The truth of Cross-Border Trucking that no one else will tell you Of course Reddig wouldn’t know the truth if Jesus Christ came down from the mount and delivered it to him in laser etched stone tablets.

Once again, it falls to this site, expert in the Mexican truck issue to reveal the real truth about the Mexican trucks.

Reddig says:

But here’s the deal – the trade arbitration panel that made that statement, that we are obligated – also said that we (meaning the United States) have every right to enforce on every truck and trucker from Mexico entering this nation every single regulation American trucks and truckers face.

For a change, he is correct and FMCSA has enforced EVERY SINGLE REGULATION US trucks and truckers face. As with Canadians, when the Mexicans cross our border, they play by our rules, not theirs.

Here’s where Mark H. Reddig becomes delusional and his mind separates from the truth.

Well, folks, they don’t meet our equipment standards. They don’t meet our hours of service. They don’t have an MVR or CDL database listing violations. They don’t have the same insurance requirements. They don’t have any – not one – qualified and certified drug lab for testing drivers, and not any drivers who are tested. They don’t have the same cargo securement regulations


  1. Don’t meet our equipment standards? 2007- 2009 Kenworth T-660’s, Freightliner Columbias, Navistar 9400i?
  2. Actually, Mexico’s Hours of Service is different from ours, as is Canada’s! Canada’s is more liberal, Mexico’s more restrictive. 8 hours a day is permitted driving time in Mexico. However, as with the Canadians, when they cross the US border, they are under our HOS rules. And since drivers in Mexico who are English proficient are in demand, these drivers are held for the cross border trips. They haven’t been driving 20+ hours as Reddig and the others would have you believe.
  3. According to the DOT OIG Final Report,  the OIG stated that : “FMCSA’s automated Licensing and  Insurance and Mexican Monitoring  systems are working well to identify infractions of motor carrier safety rules and regulations and initiate enforcement actions. ”  That’s right boys and girls, the MDLIS that Rddig claims does not exist is working well to indentify….. State, Federal and local law enforcement have access to this database. 
  4. What the insurance requirements are in Mexico is of now concern to the US. The issue for the US is does the Mexican carriers have the required insurance coverage to operate within the US. And according to the USDOT OIG Report, they all carried the required $750,000.00 policies issued by a US underwriter. The one carrier which let theirs lapse was immediately identified, sanctioned and operating authority pulled.
  5. Number 5, Drug testing, is where I can truthfully call Mr Reddig a bald faced liar or else he is a damned illiterate fool who has not bothered to read any of the OIG reports.   OIG states:  “The Mexican drug and alcohol test collection system was at least equivalent to U.S. requirements in most respects.  In most respects! Where is the difference?  Well, in Mexico, the  drug testing is part of the process to obtain the Licencia Federal and is done at the GOVERNMENT TESTING FACILITY where the medical and psychological evaluations are done. So why does the government need to certify itself? This is more of OOIDA and others twisting the facts to defraud their members and the public. And Reddig claims not any of the Mexican drivers are tested? Another bald faced lie! All the drivers who participated in the Cross Border Program were tested in US drug labs and collections made on the US side of the border, under US rules. Shame on you Reddig! But, you had a good teacher I guess.
  6. Cargo securement requirements? Wow hero! You really are grasping at straws! Who cares! It is not important. As long as that load on that trailer is secured and complies with our rules and regulations when it crosses the border, that is all any of us need to be concerned about. 

Reddig says in conclusion;

Want me to keep going <with my lies> ? I could do that for hours.

We know you could Mark, and we see the desperation in your words. The desperation you and other seem to be feeling as you see the American public and yes, some of your own members waking up and realizing the giant amount of smoke and lies you’ve been blowing up peoples ass for years. And we sense the desperation in your voice in the afternoons and your words as more and more newspaper editorials, noted economists and other academics continue to expose your side for what you have done. 


Keep it up Reddig, you are always good for a laugh, a pitying laugh, but a laugh!