OOIDA loses first round in lawsuit against Mexican cross border program

Potosinos Transportes
OOIDA denied injunction by DC Circuit Court to stop safe, well maintained rigs such as this one owned by Transportes Potosino out of San Luis Potosi SP from entering the US under the current pilot program.
Yesterday, the Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia denied the injunction sought by the Owner Operators Independent Drivers Association (OOIDA) in their attempt to stop the Mexican cross border pilot program.

According to TODAYS TRUCKING, the Court did agree to fast track the frivolous lawsuit meaning written arguments could be accepted as early as December.  Oral arguments will be scheduled after the initial round of filings.

It is also being reported that the petition for review, filed by the Teamsters and Public Citizen in the 9th Circuit in San Francisco, will instead be heard by the D.C. Court of Appeals also. So much for Judge shopping by the Teamsters.

The Department of Justice, which represents the Department of Transportation in the lawsuits, filed an unopposed motion to transfer Public Citizen’s case to the DC Circuit. The motion does not address combination of the two lawsuits. However, similar cases filed during the previous cross-border program were combined. Those lawsuits were lost by the plaintiffs as we imagine both of these baseless and frivolous actions will be.