OOIDA games keep Mexican carriers leery of participation in Cross Border Pilot Program – Could cause resumption in tariffs’

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"Dangerous, unsafe, rolling junkyards" such as these 2011 Kenworth T-660's, at least that is the claim of opponents such as the Teamsters and OOIDA or poised to become a common sight on US highways. Mexican trucks and their drivers have historically returned safety and compliance ratings superior to US carriers

We were told by OOIDA, the Teamsters and the bogus safety groups that make up their allies that 10’s of 1000’s of “dangerous, unsafe, unregulated” Mexican trucks driven by drug using, untrained, unlicensed scofflaws were waiting at out southern border to invade the United States, taking jobs from American truckers and wreaking havoc on our roadways.

17 years later, the border is open to Mexican carriers wishing to participate in the second Cross Border Pilot Program but we’ve yet to see the hordes of dangerous, unsafe trucks and their drivers in our country or on our roads.

Only 33 Mexican trucks have crossed since the U.S. opened its southern border to long-haul trucks in October, said William Quade, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s associate administrator for enforcement and program delivery.

“Participation is not where we want it or need it to be to make it a viable program,” Quade said today at a meeting of the agency’s Motor Carrier Safety Advisory Committee in Alexandria, Virginia. “The agency is extremely concerned about not having sufficient data.”

And that’s just the way OOIDA and their allies want it, planned for it when their  misinformation about Mexican trucks and the Mexican transportation industry was revealed to be bogus and their propaganda found to be outrigt deceitful by Mexico Trucker Online. Then, OOIDA turned to the only tool left in it’s arsenal. Making irrelevant and often misleading statements about the individual applicants to FMCSA during the 10 day comment period.

To date, 3 Mexican carriers have been cleared to participate in the program according to Quade, and backed up by our own research. These 3 carriers have made a total of 33 crossings since the program began in October.

On the other side of the coin, three American carriers who were accepted by Mexico into the program in 2007 continue to operate in and out of Mexico, having made more than 2000 trips south of the border. Mexico never terminated their portion of the program in 2009 when Congress defunded the previous successful Border Demonstration Program.

[pullquote_right] Anonymous comment submitted to FMCSA……………….these motor carriers will sooon be the mules for bringing illegal immigrants all over america to commit crimes and then get them home again. its a wonderful drug smuggling and illegal immigrant smuggling opportnity for mexico. mexican govt wants all mexicans t be supported by us taxpayers, so this scheme also lets mexico get away with that burden for american taxpayers. the lawlessness for these drivers will be an immense cost to american taxpayers. all the mexicans will have fake mexican documents, which are freely given out by the polluted corrupt mexican govt. this pilot project needs to be shut down. this is another holdover from the crap administration of george bush/dick cheney, the most inept two to ever hold presidential office. all paperwork needs to be english. the american people dont want to read and write mexican. this seems like a corrupt political payoff and bribe situation. this program was put into a bill on the iraq war as political corruption. this pilot program needs to have its budget at zero. a terrorist could pay one of these truck drivers $5 bucks and america will have a smuggled terrorist blowing us up. this whole idea of letting another country run wild to take american jobs is seriously brain dead work by washington corrupt politicians. [/pullquote_right]

Initially, there was nothing in NAFTA requiring PASA’s, lengthy background checks, CVSA stickers and Level I inspections, nor even a “pilot program” to gauge the ability of Mexican trucks to operate in our regulatory environment. These were all roadblocks thrown into place by corrupt politicians at the behest of the Teamsters and OOIDA following along on Hoffa’s coattails. The idea was that the Mexicans would get so discouraged they’d throw up their hands in defeat and forget about pursuing the issue.

The opposition was wrong though and in 2009, Mexico put in place $2.4 billion dollars in legal tariff’s against select US products to get the attention of lawmakers and the public. That got the attention of lawmakers very quickly and as a result, those congress critters who had opposed the opening of the border, quickly changed their tune and left their “patrons” scurrying around looking for other ways to stop the onslaught of 3 Mexican trucks.

The low participation for the new program is due to high insurance costs and the uncertainty as to whether the border will remain open, due to the games being played by OOIDA and others. The larger Mexican carriers are staying at home until they see which direction this leads.

The U.S. must evaluate the pilot program to determine whether it would be safe to open the border to all truck traffic. So few Mexican trucks are participating that it may not be possible to have a statistically valid sample for that analysis, Quade went on to say.

What Quaide didn’t acknowledge or perhaps didn’t think about is that FMCSA has a wealth of information available to make that determination without the Cross Border Pilot Program producing significant numbers. “Legacy” carriers from Mexico who have had authority to operate in this country for the past 35 years and other Mexican carriers who have special point specific authority have been providing numbers for years. They have the data from border drayage carriers to assist them and the data from the participants in the 2007 Cross Border Demonstration Program. All of this data has historically pointed to a trucking industry which is as safe, and in most cases more compliant than their US counterparts.

So what will happen if at the end of three years, FMCSA does not have enough “data” to make a “statistically valid” determination of fitness of Mexican carriers and tries to shut the border down again? The first thing that comes to mind will be a resumption of the tariffs and they will be much more than $2.4 billion dollars that Mexico imposed the first time.

The solution is to put an end to this dog and pony show and open the borders to the Mexican carriers who desire to operate here, after they pass a PASA and comply with all rules and regulations US and Canadian carriers are required to comply with. Simple solution to a simple problem.

The doom and gloom, the havoc on our highways has yet to materialize and none of the propaganda we’ve been fed by Teamster, OOIDA and the bogus safety groups has come to pass nor will it.