OOIDA – Continuing to misrepresent the facts about Cross Border Trucking

truck280.jpgAfter a lull in the campaign of misinformation being thrown about by OOIDA and it’s leadership <sic>, suddenly more “facts” emerge in their efforts to derail the Cross Border Truck Program. I say “facts”, because what they are reporting could not be further from the truth.

World Net Daily, scraping a piece from the in-house rag of OOIDA, Landline Now, reports in it’s headline, Hundreds of safety violations documented for Mexican rigs This is a patently false statement!

The article begins with the paragraph,

Members of the Owner-Operator Independent Drivers Association say they have documented hundreds of safety violations by Mexican rolling on U.S. roads under the Cross Border Trucking Program.

The operative word is “Members”! Remember a while back, we reported on OOIDA member Rusty Wade’s plan to spend a day or two in El Paso photographing “Mexican Trucks” in order to provide photographic proof of his position, with the intent of turning this “proof” over to Jami Jones of OOIDA? In case you missed it, you can read the story here!

One can only imagine the “photographic proof” these “members” have come up with. I know I have seen gringos taking photos of our yard truck, a 1992 Freightliner COE, with Mexican company logo’s on it, a couple of bald tires and rust spots all over the frame. We use this to pull trailers from our docks to the overflow yard next to our warehouse. Is this representative of Mexican road trucks? Not on your life. But it makes for good photo fodder for those trying to further their objections to the program.

But I digress! Let’s look at the accusations that Todd Spencer of OOIDA is throwing around out there this time, and which has apparently become part of the court records in 9th Circuit in their pathetic attempts to block this program.

Among the safety violations listed on the FMCSA database for the four carriers were multiple infractions for inoperative or defective brakes, faulty , defective systems to secure loads, defective lighting devices, tension bars cracked and/or broken, axle positioning parts defective or missing, with less than adequate tread depth, various parts and accessories needing repair, inoperable required lamps including headlights and, wheel fasteners loose and/or missing, and defective power steering systems.

I have no idea what database they found these in because they are not available to the general public, but let’s look at each one separately.

  • Defective or inoperative brakes? That could mean a brake out of adjustment or the pads a little thin.
  • Defective systems to secure loads? Go figure this one out? A strap a little frayed? Not enough straps or chains, in the inspectors opinion? Although I imagine this item was against Trinity as they are a flatbed company pulling new propane tanks across the border.
  • Defective lighting devices or inoperable required lamps? Marker lamp out? tail light our, headlight goes out between pre-trip and time stopped for inspection. It’s happened to all of us. No biggie!
  • Various parts and accessories needing repair? This is an inspectors choice. Who knows what this means. A mudflap with a tear? That’s all it takes in Texas to get you stopped for a DOT inspection.
  • Wheel Fasteners loose or missing? Rust streaks on the rim? Is it loose or perhaps the rust is from an earlier time? A lug nut missing? One missing hurts nothing but it is a violation. Mickey Mouse shit, to say the least
  • Power Steering systems? Ever gotten a fix it ticket for a small leak around your power steering pump? Whether it is leaking or not? I have!
  • Tension bats/Axle positioning parts, cracked or missing? I wonder if they threw this in for good measure? I don’t see a truck being able to operate without these assemblies.

Let’s take a look at the numbers. OOIDA claims a monumental amount of violations against 4 companies.

  1. Trinity Industries De Mexico S de R L de CV. ………………1,123
  2. GCC Transporte SA de CV ………………..372
  3. Avomex Internacional SA DE CV …………………….206
  4. Fidepal S de RL de IP y CV ………………….11

They claim to take these numbers from FMCSA SAFERSYS tracking system of carrier violations, but our analysis of the data shows different numbers entirely.

This table shows the true numbers as reported for these four companies in the FMCSA database

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This is for data in the 24 months prior to 11/29/2007. 2007 data is being compiled and is not yet available from FMCSA

Quite a difference if you ask me and all numbers, except for one company, Fidepal, are well below the national percentage.

Fidepal S de RL de IP y CV, with 1 truck and 1 driver was inspected 5 times in the 24 months previous to 11/29/2007. There were no vehicle violations but the driver was put OOS 3 of thos 5 times, giving a 60% OOS rate. Apparently, this was one of those license violations. It should be noted also that Mexican drivers who do not drive interstate or between States in Mexico but stay within the State of residence, can operate on a Commercial license issued by that state. It is my understanding that this license is also valid for cross border operations in the commercial zones. I’m checking on this.

Todd Spencer was on the Trucking Bozo show the other day with Ken Johnson talking about this and he continues to spout off these skewed statistics and assure everyone that the border shuttle trucks are indeed the trucks that will be and are being used as a part of this cross border program. Either Todd Spencer is a habitual liar who cannot get a grip on the truth or else he actually believes the drivel he is trying to push in the face of the American Trucker. Those of us who are smart enough to think for ourselves, know the difference and for the others, well, the photographic proof is right here in our galleries.