OOIDA changes position on Mexican Cross Border Pilot Program

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Today is the long anticipated vote on HR-6630 (To prohibit the Secretary of Transportation from granting authority to a motor carrier domiciled in Mexico to operate beyond United States municipalities and commercial zones on the United States-Mexico border unless expressly authorized by Congress.)

Jimmy Hoffa and the Teamsters were early off the line sending their propaganda spam messages, once again maligning the truth. I got mine about 9 this morning.

We need your help! Today the U.S. House of Representatives will consider H.R. 6630, a bill that would prohibit the Secretary of Transportation from allowing unsafe Mexican trucks to cross beyond the borders of the currently permitted commercial zone unless Congress authorizes it. This important piece of legislation would put a stop to the dangerous Mexican truck pilot program that the Department of Transportation (DOT) has been operating despite Congress already passing a law last year that made it illegal to do so.

I spent the morning trying to think of a manner to tell Jimmy Hoffa to F$%k Off in a manner a thug would understand.

Other’s are coming out in favor of continuing the Cross Border Pilot Program.

The The U.S. Chamber of Commerce sent a “key vote” letter to the U.S. House of Representatives urging members to oppose H.R. 6630, Designating action as a “key vote” means that the lobbying group may consider using votes on the issue in its annual “How They Voted” scorecard. This can make a big difference come election time when voters turn to these scorecards to see how their elected Representatives voted.

The NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF MANUFACTURERS came out in opposition to the bill, HR6630 with a article that hits you in the face with the truth of the matter. Treaties? Trade Agreements? We’ll Violate Them with Impunity

How true is that that a great country such as the US thinks they can display such arrogance towards the world community.

The surprise comes though from OOIDA spokesperson Norita Taylor, who was quoted in the Riverside Press-Enterprise as indicating acceptance of the Mexican Cross Border Pilot Program. She was quoted as saying:

“We would have no problem with the cross-border program if carriers out of Mexico were judged with the same criteria for safety and security as those in the U.S.,” said Norita Taylor, spokeswoman for the Owner-Operator Independent Drivers Association.

So according to this, they should have no problem with the Mexican Cross Border Pilot Program. Mexican Motor Carriers are judged by the same criteria for safety and security as American and Canadian carriers. A fact that has been well documented on this site and under the program rules published in the Federal Register and posted multiple times on FMCSA website. Actually, they are judged under a much stricter set of rules than their American and Canadian counterparts and have passed with flying colors.

So if Ms. Taylor is not blowing smoke up everyones ass, we need to welcome her and the OOIDA community to the side of righteous truth. Perhaps this site helped to change their minds. I am constantly seeing a steady stream of traffic to this site from the KCMO area.

So we sit and wait for the results of a vote on this bill that was supposed to occur the first thing this morning. And while we do that, we need to be cognizant of this bit of wisdom.

In the wake of the House leadership’s decision to blow up long-established rules for consideration of free trade agreements, this measure would affirm the United States’ new status as an untrustworthy negotiating partner.

One assumes it’s a political move, since its presence on the suspension calendar means a two-thirds vote is required for passage, Senate action is unlikely, and the President would surely veto the measure.

So given its ultimate failure, it’s only real effect is to say to U.S. negotiating and trading partners, “Ha. You didn’t really believe us, did you? Suckers.”