One the road this week with MT

This is the time of year I like the best. The weather is cooling off, leaves are turning in the Smokey Mountains, and the spinmeisters of the right are in full gear.

DREAM ACT… This piece of legislation was brought to the floor for an article 14 vote, in an attempt to allow it to be debated by the full Senate, a move that was narrowly defeated by only 8 votes. Way to go people! You keep blocking any move for meaningful immigration reform so you’ll have what we’ve had for the past 25 years. Unrestricted access. Let’s see, you claim there are 12 million illegals in the country, meaning Mexicans to you morons. Last year, they deported perhaps 600,000, if you want to believe those numbers and perhaps half that many came in. So doing it your way, it will take perhaps 25 years to deport the original numbers? What a plan nimrods!

THE BORDER(s) It seems the neo-con’s and their sheeple forget we have a north and a south border. The southern border at this moment, has 75% of our border patrol assets on it. What about the north? Ooops! Silly me! Northern border, White, English speaking, (even if they have diapers on their heads) We can’t racially profile now can we!

FIRES IN CALIFORNIA…. Sad thing these people losing their homes, but hey, kill a tree and protect your property! Can’t do that now can we. The hooah crowd is already suggesting “terrorist” links to the fire, while the Anti-Mexican racistas amongst us are taking the opportunity to “suggest’ illegal immigrants started the fire along the Otay Mesa line. No evidence of that, but Dale Sommers, “The Trucking Bozo”, made it a point to mention that on his show yesterday. Then of course some assklown calling Stevie last night offered “on the scene evidence” that <GASP> Mexicans were looting everything in sight. No evidence of that either according to Monica Munoz of the San Diego Police Department. But hey, these racist bastards have to blame everything on the Mexicans, don’t they?

Speaking of Mexicans…… Anyone wonder where the trucks of Tranportes Olympics are this week? Well, for a while, they were running with me. I caught one pulling into the eastbound Louisiana scale in Delta Tuesday morning but didn’t realize it until I was passing him (I love my PREPASS). That’s the point, these guys are indistinguishable for the rest of us, unless you know what to look for.

I didn’t have time to wait around, as much as I would have liked to met Mr Gonzalez, so I continued on. And I ran upon another one. So both trucks authorized under the pilot program are safely operating in the US this week.

Transported Olympic Wide LoadTransported Olympic Wide LoadTransported Olympic Wide LoadTransported Olympic in Louisiana

I asked a couple of drivers who has passed these trucks, if they had noticed anything odd about them, and they replied in the negative. When I advised them that these were Pilot Truck programs, the response was “REALLY, the don’t look any different from a Swift truck”! As the conversations progressed, the general opinion was the guys in this conversation didn’t see any problems with the Mexican trucks. That opinion seems to be the one shared with the majority of truckers I encounter. Of course one or two rolling westbound had to chime in with some racist garbage, which was not unexpected, since these two were putting down Louisiana’s governor elect, Bobby Jindal.

POLLS…….. Another item that late night talk radio and some of the little hooah sites are picking up on is a poll run last month in The Trucker.

Reader were asked their opinion of the most critical issue facing trucking today. The response from 383 respondents?

Mexican trucks — 42.3 percent

Highway congestion — 27.7 percent

Hours of Service — 25.6 percent

EOBRs — 4.4 percent

Sad that 15 Mexican trucks, strictly regulated, would be a cause of concern over more pressing issues that can affect our livelihood, such as HOS or even EOBRS. These are the opinions of the uninformed.

But does this prove anything? Absolutely nothing except that approximately 175 people are skeered of Mexican trucks. Maybe this is the listening audience of America’s Trucking Network.

The same is true when you consider the 91% of 235 respondents on another website who’s owner was touting that 91% of Americans do not want Mexican trucks! No, it is not 91% of the 300 million Americans that don’t want the Pilot Program. It is 91% or about 200 people who responded to the poll.. None of these polls are representative of the American people.

MORE PROPAGANDA from The Teamsters, who else. This time from their Oakland Vice President, Chuck Mack! In a story published in the Oakland Tribune recently, Mr. Mack, follows the party line in expounding on the lies continually put out by his peerless lead, Jimmy Hoffa. Lies that have been exposed for what they are.

Consider this — to get a commercial drivers license in the U.S. an applicant must pass six tests: written exam, driving skills test, physical exam, drug test, criminal background check, and personal driving background check If the applicant fails either background check — no license.

What about Mexico? They’re better today than five years ago but don’t come close to the U.S. standards. They have no data base to track driving records; no lab certified to do drug tests; and even license issuing has caused considerable suspicion.

The second paragraph, Mr Mack, is pure fantasy from the mind of your leader. Read the facts. And he keeps pushing “background checks” in the US? doesn’t happen unless you want a haz mat endorsement. Oh well, the truth will win out in the end.

LIFE ON THE ROAD PODCASTS Life on the Road is tentatively set to begin doing podcasts, a discussion amongst the authors and occasional guests on trucking issues concerning us all. Call us a panel of experts if you like, but keep checking for the first one to be posted. And as always, the podcast of my interview with Mike McConnell last month can be FOUND HERE for your pleasure.

FALL COLORS Yep, it’s a beautiful fall day in the Smokies and here in Rising Fawn Georgia where I begin a new day. Stay safe out there!