Nuevo Laredo drug testing of public transit workers complete. 1600 tested, only 4 positive and dismissed

City bus in Nuevo Laredo
Public Transit Authority has finished the first phase of drug testing of public transit employees in Nuevo Laredo. Of 1600 tested, only 4 failed.

We wrote last week about the Public Transit delegation in the border city of Nuevo Laredo had began testing all city transit and taxi drivers for drug and alcohol use and re-certifying those who passed. The first phase of the testing is complete, and while not surprising to us, debunks more of the propaganda being passed around by groups such as OOIDA and the Teamsters concerning lack of drug testing in Mexico.

Eduardo Cuellar Bridges, deputy of the Public Transit delegation in Nuevo Laredo, reports at the end of the first phase of testing, 1600 bus and taxi drivers were tested and only 4 returned positive. Those 4 were terminated after a second sample was tested and confirmed the results of the first test.

The operators dismissed for positive returns for drug use, are given the opportunity to reapply at a later date, after successfully completing an approved drug rehab program, and submitting to regular and random drug tests for an indeterminate period.

The delegation is now waiting for an additional 600 tests to be received in order to test the remaining 569 operators who did not test in the first round.

The drug tests, identical to those performed in the US on employees in safety sensitive functions. Five substances are detected in this analysis, marijuana, cocaine, methamphetamine, heroin, and epecios.. Those who pass the drug tests and subsequent skills test will be issued a certification card.