News Release – FMCSA to mandate EOBR’s for Mexican & U.S. Trucks Participating in the Cross-Border Project

This hot little tidbit just came across the newsfeed on the site and in a press release sent to by our friends at FMCSA.

I’m divided on this latest development. On one hand, it is another step taken to insure, beyond what is required, the oversight of the participating trucks.

This should also shut up the whiny babies at Teamsters, OOIDA and Public Citizen who claim we have no way to verify compliance. Your concerns have been answered, so can it people!

On the other hand, this is walking right into the trap that Joan Claybrook of Public Citizen has set with her continued demands for EOBR’s in every rig on America’s highways. And have no doubts people, these are the “black boxes” none of us want in our rigs.

I imagine Joan Claybrook probably peed her “Martha White flour sack drawers” when she learned of this. Requiring these devices in participating rigs makes a perfect test bed for the device, and clever move Mr’ Hill, those that oppose black boxes in trucks will actually applaud your move here.

I’m taking a wait and see attitude. I’m about ready to get out of the business anyway. After 30 years, I’ve had enough. The jobs no longer any fun and now, with these EOBR’s going into a test phase, soon, we’re all going to have someone looking over our shoulders.

The best we can hope for is a common sense and logical change to the hours of service so we can be in compliance without being tired all the time.