New Evidence Against Andrew Tahmooressi Could Mean Years in Mexican Prison

Tahmooressi and Hotel Nelson room reciept
This receipt from the Hotel Nelson, a $20 a night hot sheet hotel on the edge of Tijuana’s red light district could be the smoking gun that exposes the former Marines lies and earns him a long sentence in the Mexican prison system.

Evidence is emerging that inactive Marine Sgt. Andrew Tahmooressi’s ingress into Mexico on the night of March 31, 2014 was anything but a mistake as he and his mother have been claiming.

Jill Tahmooressi Has an Answer for Everything
We know opponents are reading our coverage and opinion of this case when a valid question we raise is answered on Fox News
The question being why Jill’s baby boy would rent a room for the night and decide not to use it, preferring instead to sleep in his truck.

Tahmooressi’s mommy answered that for us saying her baby boy was scared to stay in Room 310 at the Hotel Nelson so he decided to come back across the border, running the gauntlet of the night creatures that inhabit the camino between the hotel and the border.

Somehow, the logical mind can’t accept that story

A receipt from the Hotel Nelson, a somewhat historic $20.00 a night “hot sheet” hotel abutting Tijuana’s Zone de Tolerancia” has been uncovered, issued to Andrew Tahmooressi for payment of room rent on room 310 on the afternoon of the day he was arrested for entering Mexico with a fully loaded AR-15 assault style rifle, a chrome plated 1911 model .45 caliber pistol, a 12 ga. shotgun and 457 rounds of ammunition, in addition to extra clips for the pistol and rifle. All loaded and all easily accessible to Tahmooressi.

Although the story has changed depending on what time of the day it is where his mother, Jill Tahmooressi is at, her “baby boy” was going south on I-5 to meet friends in San Ysidro for dinner, he missed the last exit on the freeway and ended up in Mexico. And although he owned a 2013 Triumph motorcycle, weapons worth more than $3500 dollars and had a flush bank account totaling $100,000.00, according to his mother, Tahmooressi was essentially homeless and living out of his pickup truck.

We later learned from Rep. Duncan Hunter’s office, a California Congressman whose district this occurred in and who never misses an opportunity to bash Mexico, that this was not Tahmooressi’s first time in Mexico nor crossing the border at that spot. The accused finally admitted to having been into Mexico 5 or 6 times to visit “friends” as he was developing a relationship with a woman from the area. Congressman Hunter’s office confirmed at least two previous excursions into Mexico based on bank and cell phone records.

So here we have the accused whose credibility is hanging by a thread, his mommy has got the lemmings of Fox News all stirred up, demanding the President, Vice President and even the Commandant of the Marine Corps to demand that Mexico release Tahmooressi or vowing to come and get him. And all the time, mama’s “baby boy” has been doing what young men, military and civilian alike have been visiting Tijuana for for more than 100 years.

Andrew Tahmooressi and Hotel Nelson whore bars
This Google Earth graphic shows the distance from the Hotel Nelson to the most popular of the “Ladie’s Bars” in Tijuana’s red light district, a distance of only .16 miles. Inside the green circle, There’s a whole lot of joy for a fun loving mamas boy in Tijuana.

So looking at it logically. The accused walks across the border, spends the afternoon in the sin pits of TJ, rents a hotel room for the night and then, about 2230 in the evening, decides to walk back across the border, where he doesn’t have a home, nor a hotel rented, gets in his truck and mistakenly enters Mexico with all his worldly possessions and three weapons, illegal in Mexico?

Give me a break here Faux News. That’s a stretch even for you people.

When he was arrested and booked in to the prosecutors office, if a hotel key was found on his person, the case is over. There is no mitigation such as his “mistake” or his PTSD nor any of those things. Tahmooressi is guilty as charged of the crimes he is being detained for. Of that there is no doubt.

Hotel Nelson - Tijuana BC
View that Andrew Tahmooressi would have had from Room 310 to check out the action before hitting the streets for a little afternoon delight

To date, Tahmooressi has fired his first defense lawyer, claiming the attorney wanted him to lie about having been in Tijuana previously. Another was hired and quickly dumped. No reason given and no one on either side is talking. Both were civil attorneys while the accused is facing criminal charges. Jill Tahmooressi claims they are milking her dry financially and doing nothing. That is unbelievable on the surface. A more likely scenario is she cannot find an attorney that will handle the case the way she demands, which is probably to offer bribes to all involved to get her baby boy released.

For now it appears that Tahmooressi’s mother has backed off, gone back to Florida and reassessing her options, which are few at this point, other than to let the Mexican justice system alone to carry forward to the foregone conclusion.

Andrews time began the moment he was placed under arrest and when convicted will count as time served toward whatever the Judge decides is the appropriate sentence.


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