A new era for Mexico Trucker Online and the upcoming NAFTA Re-Negotiations

Donald Trumps NAFTA
This is Donald Trump’s idea of a fair and level playing field as it applies to the renegotiation of NAFTA

Eleven years ago when I started Mexico Trucker Online, I had no idea that a decade later we would still be debating the issue of Mexican trucks operating in the United States, but here we are.

Opponents of allowing Mexico domiciled trucks into the US, an obligation we had under  NAFTA are now turning to the US Trade Representative and the Trump administration to push their agenda after losing in the Federal Courts for decades.

One of the “promises” Trump made during the campaign was to either re-negotiate NAFTA or pull us out completely, and idea that appealed to the baser instincts of the nationalists, isolationists and lesser educated in our society, which made up the majority of his supporters. NAFTA is a tri-lateral agreement, but Canada was rarely mentioned. It was all about Mexico and he drew on the ignorance and irrational hated people have towards Mexico.

Trump’s idea of renegotiation of NAFTA is to give the US the pie and leave the crumbs to our trading partners, Canada and Mexico, with the emphasis on Mexico.

I agree NAFTA needs to be looked at with the goal of addressing issues that weren’t on the table nor existed 25 years ago.

On January 11, 2017, Teamsters President James Hoffa in a closed door meeting with Trump insisted that the trucking provisions of NAFTA be done away with, as they pertain to Mexico. Nothing about Canada where the Teamsters have more than 35,000 members. According to sources, Trump, in his ignorance seemed to agree with Hoffa that this needed attention.

Last month, 140 people from Mexico, Canada and the US, testified before the USTR in Washington offering their ideas on how to modernize NAFTA. OOIDA Vice President Todd Spencer was one of these.

Using bluster, disproven “facts” and out and out lies, all of which have been tossed out by the Federal courts during OOIDA’s pathetic attempts to ban Mexican trucks, Spencer made it clear that OOIDA is adamant that the cross-border trucking program with Mexico, which allows long-haul trucking beyond commercial zones, should be dropped from the program.

However, in comments posted on regulation.gov concerning this, he conceded that OOIDA would accept Mexican trucks within the commercial border zones.

This is the direction that Mexico Trucker Online will be taking going forward. As we’ve done the past 11 years, we’ll be debunking the lies and distortions of the opponents of Mexican trucks which have proven to have a superior safety record to their US and Canadian counterparts. Much of this is already on the site and additional information will be added and other information updated.

The trucking provisions of NAFTA, which simply state each country shall give “national treatment and access” to the other signatories, is but a minuscule portion of the agreement in whole. Lobbyists and politicians working on behalf of the opponents have distorted the meaning of “national treatment” as it applies to Mexico while ignoring Canada. The issue is not safety. Mexican carriers who operate in the US generally have superior safety ratings. Nor is it about security. Nothing is said about Canada with it’s influx of immigrants from the Middle East and former Eastern Bloc nations. These “New Canadians” can enter the US unmolested with their Canadian passport. Mexican’s on the other hand, Mexican drivers, must have a Mexican passport, I-94 entry/exit card and other documents.

That’s where we’re at and the direction we’re going. I hope you’ll join us. Comment on the articles. You’re opinion is welcome although facts rule the day.