NDIC 2007 Accomplishments show no ties between Mexico and Islamic Extremist Groups

NDIC SealThe US Department of Justice,National Drug Intelligence Centerhas published the document NDIC Accomplishments, Fiscal Year 2007 which some are suggesting shows ties between Mexican drug cartels and Islamic terrorist groups.

The site in question, and I am not going to give them the pleasure of a link to this site reports:

“Information from intelligence and investigations on narcoterrorism that we have carried out identifies ties between Mexican narcotics traffickers, [and] those of the Philippines and Colombia, with elements belonging to foreign organizations designated as terrorists by the [U.S.] Department of State,” the NDIC document indicates. Based on information from the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), and Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), the NDIC document emphasized: “The results of 74 investigations of narcoterrorism that have been carried out by the Special Operations Division of the DEA document that Islamic groups present on the common border of Argentina, Brazil and Paraguay launder money, sell arms and traffic drugs of the main Mexican criminal organizations.”

Scares you doesn’t it? It is supposed to. It would scare me also if I didn’t have a brain and the ability to use it.

What does the intelligence report actually say that was subverted to promote this nativist point of view and scare us all into thinking the southern border is a hotbed of Terrorist activity?

In FY2007, the Doc Ex Branch supported several drug-terrorism investigations including a Doc Ex mission that identified links between southern Philippines drug traffickers and elements of designated foreign terrorist organizations, namely the Abu Sayyaf Group and Jamayah Islamiyah.

Hmm, last time I looked, we did not share a border, nor does Mexico with the Phillipines. Of course I don’t have the benefit of rural Arkansas home schooling so I could be wrong.

But it goes on to explain in further detail.

Doc Ex Branch has supported another drug-terror investigation aimed at disrupting and dismantling five Arab Tri-Border Area (TBA) drug trafficking organizations (DTOs) that operate in Argentina, Brazil, and Paraguay as well as in surrounding areas and in Europe and the Middle East. All five groups have been linked to Islamic Radical Groups.

There again, there is mention of Islamic or Arab drug trafficking organizations operating in countries far removed from Mexico and the United States. It seems they conduct their drug trade with Europe and their own countries. How interesting.

There is one final portion of the document that is interesting. Remember the claim the other site is making about “74 special investigations” that tie the groups to Mexican criminal organizations. Nothing I can find to support this. The only number that comes up is in this paragraph.

NDIC’s Doc Ex Branch supported DEA’s Special Operations Division by analyzing information on a high-level drug trafficker, money launderer, arms dealer, and terrorist who is documented in 74 DEA investigations dating back to the 1970’s. Historical evidence indicated that this individual and his associates have trafficked multiton quantities of hashish and heroin and laundered tens of millions of dollars in drug proceeds. In addition, this individual had also brokered international multimillion dollar arms deals for Yemen, Kuwait, Syria, Argentina, Brazil, Bulgaria, and Colombia and has supported several Middle Eastern terrorist groups including the Palestine Liberation Front, the Palestine Liberation Organization, and the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine.

Wow! More than 30 years! And not one mention of ties to a Mexican criminal organization.

But we all know what these inbred morons obsession is. Mexican trucks!

Where is the mainstream media on this? Where is the cry from DoT Secretary Mary Peters to halt all Mexican trucks at the border – an easy way, as we have well established to transport drugs into the US?

Where is the mainstream media? Covering more important matters. What has Secretary of Transportation Mary Peters interest in this? This has nothing to do with FMCSA or USDOT and it certainly has nothing to do with Mexican trucks crossing our border. It has been well documented on this site, on the websites of the US Border Patrol, and Drug Enforcement Administration, the manner in which the majority of drugs enter the country. They are backpacked in, brought through tunnels or in special compartments of personal vehicles, the majority of which are discovered.

The product is stashed in safe houses until stupid ass American, African American, Asian American, Mexican American, in other words American and Canadian truckers can be enticed to try and move a load for a quick buck!

Don’t believe me! Hell, this site has never mislead you. DOWNLOAD the report and read it at your leisure.

Sorry folks. I simply cannot find validation for the outrageous claims of those nativist fear mongers. Probably because there is none!