Nativism & Mexenophobia taking over Trucking Radio

Dave Nemo and XM-171
Dave Nemo, one of the more respected voices in Trucking Radio seems ready to abandon principles and feature leaders of bona fide hate groups on his daily program on XM-171
One of the most vile, racist and unconstitutional laws was passed and signed by Arizona governor Jan Brewer in the form of SB-1070, a law that has spawned a firestorm of protest.

It’s a law that usurps federal authority for immigration enforcement and puts it in the hands of local and state authorities. The fear is, it will lead to racial profiling as it is targeted towards Hispanics.

Governor Brewer claims it specifically prohibits racial profiling, and that claim is still to be determined, but one can’t overlook human nature, especially in Arizona where this law legitimizes the actions of Sheriff Joe Arpaio and his masked goon squads that have been terrorizing Hispanics for several years now.

Jesus Serrano, and independent owner operator for a Los Angeles based carrier, who hauls fresh produce from the warehouses in Nogales to the distribution centers in Los Angeles is putting together a boycott of more than 100 truckers who make the Arizona to California haul in protest of this bill which he believes will put himself and others of Mexican-American descent at risk of harassment and/or arrest by overzealous enforcement officers. Serrano is a naturalized US citizen born in Mexico.

Serrano was interviewed yesterday on The Lockridge Report and as usual when someone does a neutral well though out interview, the hate mongers and know nothings immediately filled the phone lines with their negative and totally untrue rants against Mexicans. Kudos to Lockridge for putting the over the top morons in their places are simply hanging up on them.

But the hate and bigotry against Mexicans and Mexican truckers being pushed by OOIDA and others has gotten out of hand.

Dave Nemo, who for years, couldn’t be made to take a stand on an issue, has now gotten behind OOIDA and others in their opposition to Mexican trucks and in support of Arizona’s SB-1070. Far from the namby pamby attitude of the past, Nemo seems to be embracing the hate filled agenda of the extreme right in regards to anything Mexican. Just this morning, in response to a caller objecting to the Serrano interview on Evan Lockridge’s show, Nemo told his listeners he needed to get an “expert” on his show to give his listeners “the truth” about the immigration debate, SB-1070 and other issues.

And who would this expert be you might wonder? None other than Mark Krikorian of the Center for Immigration Studies.

Center for Immigration Studies, Roy Beck and NUMBERSUSA, a site often quoted by Steve Sommers on America’s Trucking Network, are all tied to a white nationalist network formed by John Tanton. For those of you who don’t recognize the name, I would urge you to read “The Puppeteer”. This essay lays out the beginnings and the vision for the current mood of hate and xenophobia against Hispanics that we’re seeing today. It’s an eye opener and for those who can read with an open mind, it is the blueprint for what is happening now. The report was written back in the mid 1980’s.

So now, we have Nemo pushing the anti-Mexican agenda with false and misleading statements. Like the others, celebrating Peter Defazio’s letter demanding the President open NAFTA and delete the Mexican trucking provisions, something that has a snowballs chance in hell of happening. Remember, there is a Canadian provision that would also need to be deleted. Nemo and Sommers both are pushing for HR-4759, a bill that would demand our President to serve notice of our withdrawal from the North American Free Trader Agreement.

We still have Dale “Trucking Bozo” Sommers, slipping ever further into senility, exhorting his listeners about the “third world country” of Mexico, a subject he knows nothing about.

And of course Eric “Bubba Bo” Boulanger, the weekend host on ATN, a real know nothing on trucking issues, especially concerning Mexican trucks, showing his ignorance every weekend when he spews to his adoring lemmings about Mexican trucks and drivers, contrary to the available evidence.

“Sub standard trucks”
“sub standard untrained drivers”
“no CDL training”
“no drug testing”
“No yadda yadda yadda”

But when programs like Nemo bring guests on such as Mark Krikorian of CIS and Sommers has people like Roy Beck of NUMBERSUSA on his program, they are pandering to the prejudice and bigotry of their listeners and doing nothing to solve a very contentious issue confronting us today.

Shame on Dave Nemo. For all of his years of service to our industry, one would expect better of him.