MTO Online is back after a short hiatus

Elizabeth and MeAfter the Cross Border Pilot Program successfully concluded last year and permanent operating authority was given to the participants who earned it, and despite the continued outcry and threats from those who continued to adamantly and unsuccessfully opposed it, I took a short hiatus from the issue for some “me” with my family.

After 10 years of successfully advocating for the inclusion of Mexican carriers into our industry, I earned it.

I’m not going to bore you with a rehash of all the lies, propaganda and distortions of the truth hurled about by the opponents and their allies. You can read it all searching the website here or doing a Google Search.

Needless to say, all the doom and gloom prophesized by groups like OOIDA and the Teamsters, never came to pass. Not one American driver lost his job to a Mexican trucker. Rates were never affected by the Mexicans unless it was to keep them in line with Mexico’s higher rate of haul.

To the contrary, job opportunities were created. Mexican companies such as TUM and Trancasa and other mainline Mexican carriers expanded operations into the United States offering job opportunities at very competitive wages.

We never saw Mexican trucks that were held together with duct tape and baling wire on American highways as we were warned about by OOIDA, Teamsters and their allies. Instead, we are seeing trucks newer and in better condition than those in some of our large fleets. Even the drayage trucks that haul the trailers back and forth across the border are being upgraded. These are the trucks the opponents of Mexican trucking tried to convince the public were the norm, instead of what they are, short haul border-crossers.

What about the drunk, drugged Mexican truckers on our highways who had been driving for 48 hours and were bound and determined to kill your wife and kids on the highway? Well folks, we’re still waiting and it hasn’t happened. As a matter of fact, the only reportable accident that happened during the three years of the Pilot Program was a truck that was hit by an automobile coming out of a truck stop the wrong way.

So far 10 years, OOIDA, the Teamsters and their allies preyed upon the ignorance and fears of the population with the help of Congress Critters they had in their pockets and they failed. Their lies and propaganda have been exposed for what it is. And fortunately, the majority of American truckers now realize that.

The Mexican carriers and their drivers are now being treated almost exactly like their American and Canadian counterparts and continue to turn in CSA safety scores better than the national average. I say almost because their are still those in commercial vehicle law enforcement who refuse to accept a drivers English language sufficiency unless they speak without a hint of an accent. Not surprising in this age when the front runner for the Presidency of the United States is a bigot like Donald Trump.

Where do I take from here? The latest lawsuit filed by the Teamsters and OOIDA to prevent the FMCSA from granting permanent operating authority is still languishing in the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals in California with an injunction being summarily rejected. From what I can tell, both plaintiffs, for some reason are delaying it, asking for filing extensions, etc. OOIDA jumped in making the same claims that have been debunked in previous lawsuits, all which they’ve lost. I imagine the last lawsuit will die a quiet death. It certainly will never make it to, or be accepted by, the Supreme Court.

I’ll continue to write articles as time permits about the Mexican trucking industry and events on both sides of the border that pertain to this subject and if something happens directly affecting Mexican trucks that coincides with the purpose of this site, you’ll hear it here first.

But for now and in the future, it’s family first for me.

It’s good to be back and a big thanks to a good friend in the industry, Joe R., for reminding me people do still care about Mexico Trucker Online and my opinions. Thanks to all of you who messaged me, emailed and called wondering when I was coming back. I appreciate it.