More misinformation about Mexican Trucks, this time from an obscure upstart organization

FMCSA inspection of Transportes Olympic
FMCSA inspector completes Level I inspection on rig owned by Transportes Olympic prior to the start of the Mexican Cross Border Program. And obscure drivers association now claims that many of the inspections were bogus
An excellent truckers blog, ASK THE TRUCKER, is reporting the latest challenge to allowing Mexican trucks expanded access to the United States, which is our obligation under the provisions of NAFTA.

They bring up the latest questions being raised by an obscure upstart group, OWNER OPERATORS UNITED, headed by Dan Little, a frequent commenter on this site.

Taking a ploy from the OOIDA playbook, which has been using unfounded accusations about Mexican trucks and drivers for 16 years, OOU has made the claim about “possible falsification of safety inspections on SafeStat in relation to Mexican trucks”

In a press release by OOU, Mr. Little states:

“Washington could be reinstating the NAFTA Cross Border Trucking based on possible falsified safety inspections of Mexican domiciled Trucks.”……………..

“Someone is filing false inspection reports, making the Mexican domiciled carriers appear safer than they actually are.”……

This allegation is based on the accusation of persons unknown who contacted Little and claimed to have discovered one company with 11 trucks had 2,096 safety inspections performed on one on it’s trucks but received very few citations for the alleged violations.

Mr. Little is using this to demand Secretary Ray LaHood cancel any plans for allowing the US to keep it’s promises under NAFTA.

It is extremely unfortunate that Mr Little and OOU have decided to use this tactic to show their opposition to the Mexican truck issue.

Little recently sent a letter to Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood which read in part;

I understand that you have been requested by companies across the country to open the Mexican border. These companies want to use Mexican trucks in order to reduce their shipping costs and these same companies have stated plans to close or move south of the border, thereby taking thousands of American jobs with them…..

Another untruth and a page from OOIDA playbook. The letter continues;

Also as evidence, I point out the pilot program, which failed due to the fact that the Mexican trucking companies either could not or would not meet our safety and insurance requirements.

Should the cross border program go into effect, thousands of American drivers and trucking companies will be forced out, many ending in bankruptcy. The fall out will be felt throughout the entire country.

Again, more untruths. The Pilot Program was actually a resounding success for the companies and drivers that participated. In the final report by the DOT/OIG, statistics showed that the Mexican trucks, not just the program participants, but Mexican trucks as a whole, including the border zone carriers and legacy carriers, had safer numbers than their US counterparts. Perhaps this is the reason behind the latest challenge to Mexican trucks.

The entire letter from Little to LaHood can be seen here. Mr LaHood’s response can be seen here

Although we don’t agree in principle, OOU offers an excellent alternative to the more profit oriented OOIDA, and being established and run by owner operators, can have nothing but a positive effect on our industry on behalf of the drivers it serves.

So unfounded allegations have been made against Mexican trucks and the FMCSA by persons unknown and jumped on by the president of Owner Operators United. At this point, they are only allegations with no proof.

We would challenge Mr Little to provide this site and our readers with the name of the company with these alleged violations and the USDOT number assigned to this company so we can investigate the allegations ourselves. Otherwise, this is just another unfortunate incident where someone is counting on the complacency and apathy of their readers to accept their allegations as the truth, another tactic used time after time by OOIDA and the Teamsters.

The balls in your court Mr. Little. Put up or shut up!