More Mexican troops to the border

Troops arrive in Nuevo Laredo by C-130 Hercules aircraftA new batch of troops arrived in Nuevo Laredo this weekend to supplement the soldiers already assigned to border security.

Although the authorities did not reveal the exact number of agents and soldiers who arrived, , military sources commented this week that between the 26 and the 29 of February, 2600 additional troops would be added to the states of Tamaulipas and Nuevo Leon

According to a report of the Secretariat of the National defense (Sedena), the military will be distributed immediately to the municipalities of Nuevo Laredo, Miguel Aleman, Mier, Diaz Ordaz, Reynosa, Bravo River, Matamoros and the coasts of the Bagdad Beach, in the Gulf of Mexico, to carry out tasks of patrolling, monitoring and interdiction duties.

Yesterday, around the noon, two C-130 Hercules aircraft coming from Sonora, landed in the International Quetzatcóatl International Airport in Nuevo Laredo, with elements of the Special Forces, Fast Intervention, Artillery, Cavalry and Armor.

Included were 150 members of the Aero Movilf Fuerzas Especiales. (GAFES).

“The additional manpower will reinforce with the troopse that we have in this border city, monitoring the Police, within the city, roads coming in and out of the cityas well as the International bridges”, informed Military commanders of the Nuevo Laredo garrison.

Editor Note: A thought occurred to me reading this article. Growing up in Little Rock, close to Little Rock AFB, serving in the Air Force in the 70’s, and knowing several C-130 pilots and crewmen, it takes a high level of skill to fly one of the babies; If Mexican’s can fly the C-130 or any other aircraft for that matter, then why can they not drive and operate commercial vehicles properly and safely? Ehhhhh?