More distinguished publications behind the Mexican Pilot Program

As I have reported previously, it seems that more and more mainline publications, newspapers, magazines and periodicals are beginning to see through the campaigns of fear and misinformation being thrown around and taking a serious look at the Mexican Pilot Program and arriving at the same conclusions I have from the beginning.

The latest, is The Trucker, a well respected industry publication based out of Little Rock Arkansas, my former home town.

Published today, the article titled, NAFTA’S a reality; now let’s make sure border program is a safe one points out the obvious and gives some good advice.

Today, we’re calling for the aforementioned groups to end all notions of court proceedings, legislation and all other efforts to stop the demonstration program.

Let’s move past the emotional stage and band together to make sure the program is safe and effective.

We’ve all heard the cry that permanently allowing Mexican trucks to travel past the 25-mile border zone will take jobs away from American truckers.


The program has been in operation now for almost a month, with none of the carnage, the violations of cabotage, and thankfully, none of the violence that some of the more radical amongst us had promised. So now we sit back and watch and wait.

I was also pleased to find that has been used by some reporters and authors as their source for information on the Pilot Program and to find the truth amongst all the babble about Mexico and the trucking industry there.
Rhinotimes, a Charlotte N.C. online magazine featured numerous statistics and opinions from our site in their article titled Teamsters Blast Mexican Trucking Scheme.

There seems to be two sides, however, to the tale. Mexico Trucker magazine has a searchable archive of statistics, government regulations, trucking links and other information on what it calls “the truth without the spin” on the industry South of the Border.

According to information in that publication, drawn from US and Mexican regulations for the purpose of comparison, truckers south of the border aren’t supposed to be of the wild and wooly variety, but are held to a number of regulations, including a physical and mental examination. The exams are to be given by a Mexican government doctor in a government office. Also, random drug testing is to be carried out on Mexican drivers, according to the Reglamento del Servicio de Medicina Preventiva del Transporte.

On the driving skills side, Mexican regulations say truckers must have their licenses renewed and reviewed every two years. In addition, the Mexican authorities can pull a trucker’s license for a number of violations. Some of these include having over three speeding tickets in a one-year period, leaving the scene of an accident, failing a drug test and altering a license. If the rules are enforced to the maximum, a driver can lose his trucking license for up to 10 years.

Interesting that the credibility of Mexico Trucker is under attack by the opposition who will not allow anything resembling the truth get in the way or their opinions. But others, are taking the time to find the truth and report it. And contrary to what the critics say, and further verifying what I have opined, Rhinotimes further confirms,

If drivers who grab fuel and food at Charlotte area truck stops are upset over Mexican truckers on the road, they aren’t sharing their thoughts over coffee.

At the Kings Mountain Truck Plaza, a waitress said she “ain’t heard nothing” on the subject. An employee at Charlotte Travel Plaza and another at Pilot Travel Center basically said the same thing.

In other words, it ain’t an issue to any but a few narrow minded bigots who can’t agree on the time of day.

I was listening to Steve Sommers last night when some doucheweasel called in wanting to mount another protest in Oklahoma City against what he termed, the “illegal Mexican trucks”. These people will never get it will they.

But as the opponents continue to whine and cry, the credibility of continues to sour. With interviews with Mike McConnell, print interviews with mainline publications such as Overdrive magazine, the work I have put into this site is finally justified.