Monterrey (NL) Metro system gives commuters a fun, safe and clean way to beat the morning traffic jams

Veronica Melendez aka Makaye
Verónica Meléndez is a student at the Autonomous University of Nuevo León by day and an exotic dancer by night at Club Chocolate in Monterrey, here being interviewed by a local TV anchor after her unexpected appearance on a Monterrey Metro commuter train
We’re all familiar with the subways and trains operating in cities such as New York and Chicago. Dirty, crowded, defaced with graffiti. Surly and rude passengers packed like sardines in a can.

But not in Monterrey Nuevo Leon. Northern Mexico’s jewel of an industrial city. Not third world by any stretch of the imagination with a functional, efficient and modern transportation system, including the Monterrey Metro.

And the commute to work can also be entertaining at times as my friend Richard Grabman of MEXFILES shares with us as he points out A DIFFERENT WORK-STUDY PROJECT.

Veronica Melendez speaking at end of her first semester at the Autonomous University of Nuevo León School of Communications.

Verónica Meléndez is a student at the Autonomous University of Nuevo León. That she has to work an outside job doesn’t seem to interfere with her studies, and perhaps she should get extra credit for managing to combine that job with a practical application of her career training in public communications.

Ms. Meléndez said she may continue her “special appearances” (which advertise her appearances as Maykae — the nom de table dance under which performs) though the end of the year. Presently, she could conceivable receive a small fine for “exhibitionism”, but after the first of January, changes in the Nuevo Leon criminal code would allow her to be charged with “corrupting minors” if there was a formal complaint about her ad campaign.

The minor in this video doesn’t seem particularly corrupted to me. Or even interested.

The minor in this video, the baby, seems more interested in his pacifier than those magnificent milk puppies jiggling just out of reach, poor thing, but he’ll learn.

Imagine if this occurred on a subway in New York, Chicago or Los Angeles. Imagine the outrage. The calls to 911. The pervs crowding around the girl trying to cop a feel. In Mexico, it’s all a friendly fun morning commute where anything can happen and often does.

You can follow Veronica on FACEBOOK One thing is certain though. She’s certainly learned the art of “Public Communication” well.