Mexico’s government proposing stronger penalties and sanctions for non-compliant motor carriers

Federales check Mexican carrier
Roadside enforcement of big rigs is common in Mexico. The SCT reported 5,710 trucks were fined for being overweight in 2011

Following the lead of the FMCSA, government officials in Mexico City are considering tightening penalties and sanctions against Mexican motor carriers who continuously are involved in motor vehicle accidents.

National Coordinator of Civil Protection, Luis Felipe Puente said in an interview that the companies would not only be fined, but they could have their motor carrier authority issued by the Ministry of Communications and Transport revoked.

“I’ve been talking to the Minister of Communications (Gerardo Ruiz) to not only check that after an accident the driver’s license is in order, the cargo carried corresponds to authority issued, or that the speed limits were obeyed prior to the crash” he explained.

Puente went on to say, not just those remedies but also reviewing the possible recurrence of companies in accidents; revise procedures such that it we are able to cancel the operating authority which they have. That is, not only impose the fines or make the arrests as we do now, but conduct an analysis of recurrence.”

Puente also said the actions, which were proposed in response to a road accident last month in Veracruz and another the following week in the State of Mexico (Mexico-Queretaro highway), would apply equally to trucking companies, passenger bus operators  and companies permitted to haul hazardous materials.

He clarified that the formal initiative, calling it “very complete” is to be drafted in the coming weeks in coordination with the SCT, the National Center for Disaster Prevention and National Security Commission.

Initiative Seek to Avoid Accidents

“The instructions we have from the Secretary of the Interior and the President of the Republic is to seek every alternative means at our disposal to prevent such accidents, now and in the future.”

The SCT reported, meanwhile, that in connection with the accident on the Mexico-Queretaro highway the three carriers who were involved have had administrative procedures  initiated to verify they were in strict compliance with applicable regulations in both the vehicles , for owners and the drivers.

He said that SCT will intensify inspections at licensees companies and of  individuals in order to ensure that they comply with such regulations.

Revocation process

“In all those cases where non compliance is detected, appropriate sanctions will be imposed and SCT will immediately begin the process of revoking the operating authorities  and the initiate the filing of criminal complaints from,” he said.

Source Tabasco Hoy