Mexico Party Boy Andrew Tahmooressi, Arrested again, This time for DUI

Andrew Tahmooressi
Andrew Tahmooressi in the infirmary of the La Mesa prison shortly after his escape attempt exhibiting none of the signs of torture or mistreatment that his supporters allege

Mexico party boy Andrew Tahmooressi, arrested again, this time in Georgia for reckless driving and DUI after getting pulled over by deputies in Emanuel County about 180 miles from Atlanta.

Remembering the success they had in getting Tahmooressi sprung from the Mexican jail in Tecate Mexico last fall, the family immediately began blaming PTSD for his latest run in with the law.

“We certainly ask for and invite prayers for the Tahmooressi family during this difficult time,” a spokesman for the family said within hours of the arrest. “Our primary goal is getting him the help he needs, and ensuring he is not held up to undue public scrutiny as the result of his mental illness.”

So why wasn’t randy Andy in a treatment facility instead of running the highways drunk in Georgia?

Family spokesman Jonathan Franks said Tahmooressi “continues to struggle with PTSD” and that this incident must be seen in that context.

With the thousands of military vets stretching back to the Vietnam area suffering from PTSD or whatever else they called it during the appropriate era, how long is this assklown going to get a free ride using this excuse?

I guess this idiot will kill someone eventually. Be it with his truck driving drunk or with his new arsenal of weapons this so-called “hero” has been provided by his Fox News worshippers.


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