Mexico extradites corrupt former US Border Patrol Agent!

Arturo Azarte Jr Corrupt US Border Patrol Agent MEXICO CITY .- The government of Mexico extradited to the United States, an agent of the United States Border Patrol, accused of collaborating with drug traffickers for the entry of Mexican drug shipments into the United States through El Paso, Texas.

With the surrender of former CBP agent Arturo Arzate Jr.. aka “Tury”, this brings to 103, the number suspects extradited abroad, of which 99 have been handed over to the American authorities, to date during the Presidency of Felipe Calderon.

The Attorney General of the Republic (PGR) announced the extradition of this border officer, who will be brought to trial in the US , before the Federal District Court for the Western District of Texas, He has been detained in Mexico for the past five months

According to the writ of extradition, Azarte is accused of using his position as a Border Patrol officer to accept payments for drug smuggling organization to permit passage of drugs and other contraband through his post in El Paso Texas.

Investigations into these criminal operations began in 2005, reported the PGR.

The Attorney Generals Office (PGR) reported with the help of witnesses, surveillance and and wiretaps, evidence was collected establishing Azarte’s guilt and association with organized crime.

Azarte was turned over to Federal Marshals in Mexico City on Wednesday at the PGR hangar.