Mexico Announces New Rules for Double Trailers –

Despite strenuous objections from the business sectors in Mexico, the effort to modernize the provisions of the regulations covering oversize and overweight vehicles continues. Standards covered under NOM-012, NOM-036 and NOM-087 are being upgraded and modernized.

Henceforth, the only way that double trailers can be operated on Federal highways is with special permission granted by the Secretariat of Communications and Transport (SCT). Additionally, the units must be equipped with additional emergency braking systems.

NOM-087 which is the regulation covering drivers qualifications will make certain operators of these units have additional and special training in their operation.

Included will be the new Hours of Service Rules which require, among other things, a 30 minute break after 5 hours of driving and 8 hours rest after 10 hours behind the wheel if it is a solo operation. NOM-087 details the conditions under which a truck or tractor truck should be operated. Tiredness and high speed is the perfect combination of accidents. So it was decided a maximum speed of 80 kilometers per hour (49.5 mph) and that an operator should rest 30 minutes for every five hours of driving. “It is not worth accumulating ten hours and one of rest”, said Luviano.

This was confirmed today by the Director General of the Federal Highway (DGAF), which is a department of the Ministry of Communications and Transportation. Adolfo Elim Luviano, during an interview at the XVII ExpoForo Transport of Goods, explained the process going forward.

The new rules have already been published in the Official Gazette of the Republic and is  currently in the period of public comment. Once completed, it will be given 30 days to be published definitively and the rules will take effect in 45 days.

Along with the ongoing regulatory process, the Secretary of Communications already has the authority and permission from the Secretary of Finance to compete six electronic verification positions that will  record weights and measures of the vehicles, without the need for the vehicle to cross a stationary inspection station. The idea is to verify scientifically and technically while the vehicles are moving. Mexico will install six arches, five of them in the main exits and highways of Mexico City and the Federal Police will be in charge of doing the verifications. Others are expected to be built and in operation throughout the Republic in the coming months and years.

NOM- 012 is the regulation that establishes the weights and measures of the vehicles and loads, in more of 22 configurations.

Despite the best efforts of the SCT and safety interests to ban double trailers, authorities can not prohibit them without a law being passed by the lower chamber of deputies in the Congress, something large business interests have lobbied hard to prevent.  So the obvious choice is to  regulate the trailers and those who refuse to comply will have to stop operations.

Among the most interesting proposals about NOM- 012 is that the combination of tractors pulling double 48″ trailers only can be operated if they have a large emergency braking equipment, including ABS. They must also have a Dolly drag record certificate showing the dolly was manufactured to prevailing specs and not a homemade contraption, as currently happens at times.

It is estimated that more than 79 per cent of the accidents are due to human error, so the Standard states that operators must have a special permit issued by the SCT and that involves a review on handling in critical conditions. In other words a driving skills test above what is required for a normal Licencia Federal de Conductor.



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