When Mexican Truckers work together, Great things happen

FB_IMG_1460368847234Interesting happening in Mexico City these days as the local government bowing to demands to do something about the air pollution in the city came up with the bright idea called “Hoy, no Circulo” and applying it to truckers…. In short, it means you ain’t driving on certain days and certain hours.

This didn’t set too well with the truckers down here in Mexico, who like us, if the wheels ain’t turning, they ain’t earning. So they got together and shut down the turnpike into the District without a second thought about it.

Unlike US truckers who can’t get together to agree on the time of day, these boys quickly organized and let their displeasure be known.

No threats, no violence, unlike the Trucking Anarchists who tried to shutdown America three years ago, and failed.

I haven’t been following the nuts and bolts of the protest too closely but it is still sporadically happening, and unlike past job actions, where the truckers demands have been heard and met by the government, I don’t think this has yet to be resolved.

For years, automobiles have been prohibited from driving on certain days that correspond to the last number of their license plates in order to decrease pollution and traffic congestion, but as far as I can tell, this is the first time trucks have been targeted.

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