Mexican Truckers vehemently opposed to be scapegoated in NAFTA Renegotiations

Border crossing at Laredo Texas from Nuevo Laredo

The North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) in regards to the motor transport sector is the history of an unfulfilled and violated treaty, on the part of the US government, which is the reason why in the process of renegotiation the Mexican government must go forward with a strong posture, and be on the offensive, with the help of the private sector, said the executive vice president of the National Chamber of Autotransporte de Carga (Canacar), Refugio Muñoz.

The first thing we propose is to demand compliance with the treaty in the agreed terms, we demand that we be compensated for the damage caused by the failure to be allowed participate in a market to which we are entitled since 1995 (which was even recognized by the World Trade Organization ), and to not grant US more privileges than those they have in messaging and parcels and define and limit the margins through which neutral investment can be authorized, “he said.

During his participation in the XVII National Forum of Freight Transport, organized by the National Association of Private Transport, Munoz said that 63% of foreign trade is made with the US, 2.6% with Canada and 34% with the rest of the world. The main means of transport to move goods is by truck and, despite being limited in the northern border, for various reasons, represents 86.4% of its total value.

Last year, Muñoz said, 11 million crossings were made between Mexico and the United States: 50% by truck alone, 35% with containers and 15% with empty tractors, which reflects the business opportunity that exists for the sector that Has been concerned about becoming more competitive every day.

“We do not want motor transport to be a bargaining chip in the negotiations. We know that something is latent and we should not only see our transverse relationship with other sectors, because we have our particularities, “he added.

In addition, CANACAR demanded that the federal regulations be harmonized with the state regulations of the countries and expedite the times of passage in customs.

So Mexico, with the backing of the strong trucking association CANACAR, is not going to sit back and have dictated to it the conditions of continuing participation in NAFTA 2.0. Nor will it accept being treated like a red headed step child in the negotiations, nor should they be.

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