Mexican military seizes 2.5 tons of marijuana in Miguel Aleman

Mexico drug seizureMore than 2.5 tons of marijuana was seized in two raids in Miguel Aleman Tamaulipas this week.

Units of the First Motorized Calvary Regiment, headquartered in Nuevo Laredo, made the seizures after executing a warrant signed by a Federal Magistrate.

A total of 365 packages of marijuana, wrapped in brown paper and duct tape weighing 2, 608.9 kilos, was seized. No word of any arrests or detentions at this time.

Military spokesmen reported that, to date, Operation Nuevo Leon-Tamaulipas, an operation to combat the narcotic traffic on the border, has resulted in the seizure of 644 kilos of marijuana, 50.3 kilos of cocaine, 137 grams of heroin, 14 automatic weapons, 27 pistols, 41 shotguns and 3,337 rounds of ammunition.

34 arrests have been made, in addition to $20,816.00 pesos and $54,970.00 dollars, seized 52 vehicles and made four property seizures.

This operation is being spearheaded by the First Motorized Battalion Cavalry whose area of responsibility includes the municipalities of Laredo, Nuevo Ciudad Guerrero, Miguel Alemán, Díaz Ordaz y Camargo.

Good job guys! More evidence of Mexico’s contribution to helping stop the drug traffic and violence on the southern border.