Mexican First Calvary Regiment – Another drug seizure and more in Miguel Aleman

500 kilos of Marijuana and Cocaine confiscated by Mexican Army in Miguel AlemanSoldiers attached to the First Mechanized Calvary Regimen enjoyed another successful operation in the border town of Miguel Aleman Tamaulipas.

On Saturday, a patrol searching a residence at 450 Huizache in the Colonia Rio Mezquital,

They found two people bound and gagged who had apparently been kidnapped. These people were identified as Luis Octavio Garcia Estrada, 30, a native of Miguel Aleman, and Eduardo Cruz Flores Flores, 18, a native of Monterrey NL.

Additionally, they discovered 45 packages of various sizes and forms,containing 477 kilos of marijuana and 9 packages of cocaine weighing 9 kilos.

The house at 450 Calle Huizache in Colonia Rio Mezquital where arms, drugs and two kidnapped men were discovered by members of Mexican ArmyAlso seized were 10 AR-15 rifles, AK 47, “goat horns” and 308 rifle, a 9mm pistol, 31 magazines of various calibers, 550 cartridges of various calibres, 5 blackSWAT style shirts and 3 black uniform pants.

All was confiscated and turned over to agents of the AFI (Mexican Federal Attorney General)

No arrests were made and Federal authorities are investigating who the contraband belonged to.