Mexican Cross Border Trucker sues Pinal County Sheriff’s office

More corruption and contempt for the rule of law in Arizona as this story is reported:

CASA GRANDE — It was the second stop that did it. And it was the same sheriff’s deputy.
As a result, Sergio Ornelas Cruz is suing Pinal County and Sheriff Paul Babeu for negligence and intimidation because of the actions of one of his deputies, Ken Bouldin.

Their story began on Interstate 10 near Eloy in January 2008. That’s when Ornelas, a Mexican citizen with NAFTA credentials that allow him to ship goods across the U.S.-Mexico border, was bringing a load from Agua Prieta, Mexico, and was stopped short of the Phoenix area by Bouldin.

According to his court complaint, Ornelas gave Bouldin his title, registration, driving logs, health certificate and insurance information, along with his border permits and related paperwork. But Bouldin detained him anyway and confiscated his truck and log books – a trucker’s lifeline.

Several hours later, Bouldin took Ornelas to a federal immigration office for processing, where he was released without his truck.

In May 2008, Ornelas was driving another load from Agua Prieta to Phoenix through the Eloy/Casa Grande area, according to the court complaint. Around 9:30 a.m., he was stopped by deputy Bouldin.

Ornelas claims he reminded Bouldin that he had stopped him a few months back, and that all of his paperwork was in order. Still, Bouldin detained him for two hours, shackled his legs and hands and left him in the front seat of his squad car while he impounded Ornelas’ truck and log books.

He took Ornelas to a federal immigration detention center in Florence, where he was released. But this time, authorities released Ornelas to Bouldin.

Ornelas claims Bouldin promptly drove him to a gas station near Casa Grande and abandoned him there. When he asked for his log book, Ornelas claims Bouldin drove off.

“Both of these stops left Mr. Ornelas terrified and fearful of the conduct of Arizona law enforcement officials,” the complaint states.

Now Ornelas is seeking compensatory damages and other costs from the county and the sheriff’s department.

He is represented by Tucson lawyers Ted A. Schmidt and Dev K. Sethi.

This ass klown deputy must have been trained in circumventing the law and the civil rights of individuals by that bastard Sheriff, Joe Arpaio