Mexican Cross Border Truck Program turns 1 year old today

Luis GOnzalez, driver for Transportes Olympic of Apodaca Nuevo Leon was the driver of the first Mexican truck to cross the border under the Cross Border Program one year ago
Luis Gonzalez, Transportes Olympic driver makes inaugaural cross border trip

It occurred to me that a year ago today, the Mexican Cross Border Program began it’s successful run.

None of the chaos and calamity that was foretold by the opposition occurred. There have been no deaths on the highways from these trucks and their drivers as many still say would and will happen.

There has been no economic crisis to the American trucker by allowing these trucks into the country.

There has been no flood of drugs and illegal aliens brought into the country as many suggested.

All in all, it has been a success!

But it still bothers some people. What brought the anniversary to mind was a title on an OOIDA blog, TIME TO ENGAGE THE BULLSHIT METER

Spin, distortion, misrepresentation and, in some cases, outright lies will fill the airwaves for the next two months. You can count on it.

I read that and thought, yep! that’s how OOIDA intends to keep opposing the program since this describes their method over the past year, but reading further, they were talking about the political season.

So where does the program go now? Forward of course. Despite efforts to put an end to it, I think it will run the entire three years now.

But logic and common sense doesn’t come into play in the political arena. If it did, the politicians would see what a bucket of bullshit they are being fed by Hoffa and Spencer of the TEAMSTERS and OOIDA. How Jimmy Hoffa can continue to say “dangerous Mexican trucks putting American families at risk” with a straight face is beyond me since the past year has proved just the opposite.

I’ve noticed that many of the participants have positioned themselves to be able to continue running in the US should the program be terminated, by establishing US bases of operations and sister companies who would be allowed to use the dual registered trucks with their Mexican drivers legally in either country. Way to go!

The losers would be the American companies participating unless Mexican transport law is changed, which is doubtful. Again, way to go Oberstar and Dorgan! Your myopic view and blind obedience to Jimmy Hoffa will cost American jobs and cost American companies lost opportunities!

They say that 100 Mexican trucks participating is not enough to give valid statistics they wish to collect but I would beg to differ the point.

Daily, you see CNN/Gallup polls, Zogby polls and others who poll a representative sample of America, usually 1000-1500 households and proclaim that their opinion is indicative of the other 300 million Americans. Of course it’s not but it makes for good spin.

By the same token, considering there is only about 250,000 commercially licensed Mexican trucks drivers in Mexico, the actions and safety reports on these 100 Mexican trucks operating under the special authority should be indicative of the ability of any Mexican carrier who can pass the PASA and desires to obtain authority to operate here, to do so safely.

More smoke and mirrors.

But on this first anniversary, this website has accomplished what it set out to do. We have educated the public and shown the truth about Mexican trucks and the industry in Mexico. The Mexican carriers participating have further vailidated what we have presented here by there safe accident free operation over the past year. That is what we set out to do and we succeeded.

Now we start the second year with hopes it will be as ho hum as the past 365 days, and I believe it will.

I doubt if the opposition will enjoy the success they hoped for in shutting this program down. All of their objections have been trumped by the facts.

I believe the 9th Circuit will rule substantially in favor of the defendants and allow the program to continue, perhaps as it has been or perhaps with modification.

Should Oberstar or Dorgan’s bills make it to the President’s desk, for certain he will veto them and whether there is a veto proof majority in Congress remains to be seen. At the moment, there appears there might be, but that is now, and this will be tomorrow.

Expect if the bill makes it into law for it to be challenged in the Courts, including injunctions being granted to prohibit enforcement of the new law by proponents and participants of the program.

In short, I expect it to continue the full 3 years and at the end, the data will show that Mexican motor carriers can operate in this country in full compliance with our laws and regulations and without any economic detriment to American carriers.