Mexican cross border drayage trucks revealed (28 photos – RAW)

OOIDA’ executive vice president Todd Spencer, continues to try and convince the public, the Courts and Congress that the companies participating in the Cross Border Demonstration Project re using the same trucks as the border shuttle fleet or drayage operators.

He insinuates this fleet is ill maintained, worn out junk rigs that have no place on US highways. But of course, he’s wrong as we’ve proved time and again on this site.

CANACAR, the Mexican equivalent of the ATA, with about 150 member carriers is working to change this perception and encourage member carriers to upgrade their drayage equipment

Whether or not they are having any success or it is simply the life cycle of the trucks, many Mexican carriers with drayage operations are indeed, upgrading their cross border shuttle trucks and retiring the old JB Hunt and Schneider cab overs we’re so used to seeing.

I always have my digital camera at the ready whether I am in the big truck or in my personal vehicle and shot some rigs around Laredo Texas as well as on a recent return from a weekend in Monterrey.

Draw your own conclusions. I’ve seen worse trucks around the US in truck stops and on the road.

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