Mexican Army makes major bust in Miguel Aleman Tamps.

9 tons of marijuana and wepaons seized in Miguel AlemanAccording to a press release issued by the Eighth Military District in Reynosa, soldiers on routine patrol observed a Jeep Cherokee trying to evade surveillance and a chase ensued.

Military units arrested the driver and during interrogation, the suspect directed officials to a safe house in Miguel Aleman where a cache of weapons, drugs and vehicles were seized.

Seized were:

  • Nines tons of marijuana
  • 89 AR-15 and AK-47’s
  • 12 shotguns and 5 handguns
  • 235 magazines
  • 83,565 bullets of various calibers
  • 3 frag grenades
  • 30 cal. machine gun on tripod
  • 9 vehicles of various makes and types.

President Calderon and the Mexican forces need to be commended for their efforts to put an end to the cartel’s control of the border region. Now, if the US will do their part to stop the illegal exportation of weapons from the border states to Mexico.