Stevie Sommers goes to Washington!

Does it get more stupid than this? Steve Sommers going to Washington to broadcast a couple of nights during the FAIR ralley against illegal immigration.

While there, little Stevie will attempt to push his disinformation amongst the other “real” talk show hosts on broadcast row in an attempt to further his agenda of keeping the Mexican trucks out of the United States.

And I am sure he knows better. Sensible and logical thought would dictate that the things he puts forth on the air are myths. Here’ is a good “fer instance” from another blog where the only thing truthful is the fact that the trucks will begin crossing in about 45 days.

NATIONAL TRUCKER’S “TRUCK OUT” BOYCOTT: To Protest President Bush and our elected official’s plans, both state and federal, to allow tens of thousands of Mexican truckers onto America’s highways in the next 45 days. Mexican truckers will be allowed to cross our border without any restrictions regulating compliance to our United States Trucking rules, laws, and regulations. No educational requirements to speak fluent english, no weight or load restrictions, as their loads will not be under the same security scrutiny that our trucker’s loads have to comply to, which opens the door to more drugs, terrorist, weapons, and human smuggling, some with no liability or collision insurance in place, some truckers with no driver-licenses and many with criminal and DUI driving records, no background checks, bald-tires and their un-inspected, unsafe trucks and trailers that are not regulated to adhere to our strict safety regulations. This is a complete breakdown of the current United States federal and state trucking laws that govern our teamster truckers, independant trucking organizations, and mom-and-pop trucking families. Not only will American truckers lose their jobs, but American truckers and motorists become collateral damage in accidents guaranteed to occur — killing our citizens, destroying property, closing highways and tying up traffic in the process. This will work to destroy the trucker’s livelihoods and futures. As for many, this is all they have ever done


1. Mexican trucks will be required and will comply with all laws and regulations the same as American truckers and Canadian truckers are required to comply with.


2. Educational requirements to speak fluent English? No place in the DOT handbook is it required to speak fluent english. Only to be able to communicate in English. English is taught in schools in Mexico as early as 5th grade and is a required subject, not an elective.


3. No weight or load restrictions? What tripe! They will be limited to 80,000 pounds GVW the same as we are and the same as the Canadians when in the U.S.!


4. No security restrictions? Here we go, when all else fails, let’s play the “terror card”! A truck traveling from Mexico City to the border, for instance, Laredo, passes through at least nine military checkpoints. Once at the border, the papers, cargo and driver is scrutinized on both sides of the border. The trailers are scanned on the U.S. side by passive radiation detectors and at random, selected for further inspection by a gamma ray truck and at times, physical inspection.


5. All will be required to have and will have, full coverage insurance, in the same manner as the U.S. and Canadian counterparts. It is sheer stupidity to think otherwise. These are businesses run in exactly the same manner as a U.S. or Canadian trucking concern.


6. I keep hearing the yapping about “background checks”! People, the American trucker is not subject to a background check nor is one required, unless one applies for a HAZ-MAT endorsement on the CDL. Mexican carriers will not be permitted to haul Hazardous Materials on American highways!


7. And we come once again to the bald tires, uninspected trucks etc. Mexican trucks, as their American and Canadian counterparts, are required to have a current inspection sticker from their jurisdiction In addition, all Mexican trucks that cross the border into Texas, do not hit the highways until they have cleared an inspection facility staffed by the Texas DPS. Where there is a border crossing for commercial traffic, the Texas DPS has an inspection station. Do they inspect each and every truck moving through the facilities? Of course not! But they visually inspect the trucks and if something arouses suspicions, they are pulled over for the full monty. Bald tire? I imagine I could find more on the trucks of the owner operators of the company I am with than I can on the Mexican trucks.


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