Like after 9/11, another knee jerk reaction to the Boston bombings on the southern border

Lincoln-Juarez bridge traffic
Vehicles waited more than six hours to enter the United States from Nuevo Laredo on Tuesday, the day after the bombings in Boston.
As tragic as the Patriots Day bombings in Boston was, and our prayers are with the good people of that city, this article has nothing to do with the bombing itself. There is plenty of coverage of the event all over the internet. The latest news from the authorities is they’ve identified two suspects, two white suspects and are searching for them.

In the aftermath of the events in Boston, in the same manner that was done after 9/11, residents and tourists along our southern border are singled out for increased scrutiny by the Department of Homeland Security.

The wait times to cross both Bridge I & II in from Mexico into Laredo Texas was more than 6 hours on Tuesday, the day after the events in Boston. Traffic backed up for two miles on Blvd Colosio for those trying to cross Bridge II, the Lincoln-Juarez bridge, while the downtown bridge saw backups almost a mile into the city causing a monumental traffic jam.

Blvd. Colosio traffic Nuevo Laredo
Traffic backed up almost two miles on Blvd Colosio in Nuevo Laredo with traffic trying to cross into the US following the bombings in Boston
Every single car and pickup crossing both bridges was physically inspected including vehicles lined up to pass through the X-Ray tunnels.

At Bridge III which handles only commercial traffic, there were similar delays of freight crossing into the United States as each and every trailer was manually inspected.

And what success did these unnecessary inspections garner? Nothing! Absolutely nothing!

Another case of closing the barn door after the horses are gone.