Jabin “Wrong Way” Bogan released from prison – Immediately taken into custody by Immigration officials

Jabin "Wrong Way" Bogan
Jabin “Wrong Way” Bogan, Demco Express driver charged with introducing 268,000 rounds of NATO grade ammunition into Mexico, has been released from federal prison in Mexico and taken into custody by Mexican immigration authorities for being in the country illegally.

Jabin Akeem “Wrong Way” Bogan was released from Villa Aldama Federal Prison in Mexico Thursday night after payment of bonds and fines totaling $2000.00 US for his September 12 conviction for possessing prohibited ammunition in Mexico.

Bogan has been held in the maximum security federal prison in the state of Veracruz since his arrest in April.

Bogan’s mommy, Alytha Smith and his common law “wife” Tanya Davis flew to El Paso from Dallas to meet Bogan but learned upon his release from the federal prison, he had been handed over to and detained by agents of the Instituto Nacional de Migración (INM))for being in the country illegally. Bogan, along with his other crimes, both in Mexico and Texas, can add “illegal alien” to the list.

When Bogan crossed the border with his load of illegal (in Mexico) ammunition, he did so without a passport, passport card or tourist visa. Thus, this will need to be adjudicated before Bogan is free to return to the United States. This process could keep Bogan in detention for up to a week.

Meantime, reports in Mexican newspapers that allegedly reported Bogan had been released over the weekend proved to be untrue and from undisclosed sources.

Bogan’s family members declined comment Thursday evening after hearing the news Bogan would be detained even longer.

Load of ammo carried by Jabin Akeem Bogan illegally into Mexico
Officials in Mexico inspect trailer and load of ammunition Jabin Akeem “Wrong Way” Bogan was carrying when he made his foray into Mexico on April 17, 2012

Bogan’s odyssey began on April 17, when he claims to have mistakenly crossed the Bridge of the Americas in El Paso with a partial cargo of 268,000 rounds of ammunition destined for a dealer in Phoenix.

Mexican Customs agents detained him after seeing him trying to make a U-turn to return to the US.

Questions were raised however about just what Bogans real intention were after a Mexican daily newspaper reported he told Mexican investigators he was supposed to meet “two men” in Juarez that afternoon. Some have suggested that Bogan’s attempted U-turn to come back to the US was not the result of a “mistake” but a case of “cold feet” after seeing the heavy concentration of military and law enforcement on the Mexican side of the bridge.

Bogan had further claimed his GPS malfunctioned sending him into Mexico, a scenario I personally debunked in September by using two different GPS units to follow the route Bogans GPS would have advised him to go.

And failing all other excuses, Bogan claimed a US, or maybe Mexican official on the US side of the bridge told him to go into Mexico to turn around and return, a claim a spokesman for Customs and Border Protection quickly denied.

So Bogan has a little more time to do, and in a place not as nice a the Federal prison he spent the last 7 months in. The family reunion will wait a little longer, and thankfully for the rest of us, the “drama” of Bogan’s incarceration will wait to be told.

Mexican Customs Agent America Zubia Saenz
Mexican Customs Agent America Zubia Saenz, the first Mexican official to come in contact with Jabin Bogan is the face of the new Aduanales Mexicano. Young, well trained, well educated professionals who take pride in their job and country.

Bogan caught a huge break in all of this for which he should be thankful. The Mexican Customs agents who had first contact with Bogan testified truthfully as to their version of events. The Judges assigned to the case listened and considered the evidence, and ruled in Bogan’s favor when prosecutors appealed the decision to reduce the charges. And in the end, the Judge rendered a sentence that was both fair for the crime and considerate of the defendant. We’ll see how Bogan shows his appreciation once he returns to the US.