Jabin Akeem “Wrong Way” Bogan learns his fate for carrying 268,000 rounds of prohibited ammunition into Mexico

Load of ammo carried by Jabin Akeem Bogan illegally into Mexico
Officials in Mexico inspect trailer and load of ammunition Jabin Akeem “Wrong Way” Bogan was carrying when he made his foray into Mexico on April 17, 2012
Jabin Akeem Bogan, the US trucker from Dallas who was arrested in April and charged with smuggling prohibited ammunition into Mexico, was formally sentenced today to 3 years in prison and a fine of $2,680.00 pesos or about $205.00 US.

On October 30, Judge Victor Manuel Jimenez Flores Third Unitary (Appeals) Court upheld the sentence of three years imprisonment against Bogan which had been rendered Judge Garcia. An appeal by prosecutors objecting to the reduction of charges from smuggling, which carried a charge of 30 years, to clandestine possession, of which he was found guilty and sentenced was the reason for the delay.

In additions, since the crime carried a sentence of less than 4 years, Judge Garcia granted Bogan probation on the charges with the agreement he post a $20,000.00 pesos bond ($1531.00 US) before being released from custody.

Judge Garcia also ordered forfeiture of the 268,000 rounds of NATO grade ammunition Bogan was hauling when arrested. The ammo, formerly belonging to UNAMMO owner Howie Glaser, an internet arms dealer in Phoenix has already been ceded to the Mexican military for their use.

Interestingly enough, Glaser was summoned to a meeting at the Mexican Consulate recently where he was asked to present bills of lading and other documents pertaining to the confiscated ammunition. Obviously, and fortunately for Hispanics living along the border, his pleas for return of his ammunition were denied. Mexican news sources said Glaser presented his pleas in an “economic and diplomatic manner” to consulate officials.

US Consulate officials were notified of the Judges decision in the town on Villa Aldama, the location of the prison where Bogan has been held since his arrest last April.

When he will be released, or where and when he will return to the United States is unknown at this time. Also unknown is how this conviction in the Mexican justice system will effect his probation out of Bexar County Texas. When he was arrested, Bogan was serving a 10 year probated sentence for aggravated robbery in Bexar County.


We reported on a story Landline Now posted on their website on October 26 titled Fund set up for trucker jailed in Mexico where LandlineNow wrote;

He is facing up to six years in prison and a fine of $10,000-$20,000 in addition to court costs up to $58,000. The family has asked for donations to his defense to be sent to:

and it gave an address and a bank account. The staff at LandlineNow performed due diligence and checked to make certain such a fund had indeed been established for Bogan and confirmed it had been. OOIDA and LandlineNow have no fault in the manner they conducted themselves.

What we questioned, was the amount that Alytha Smith, Bogans mommy said would be needed to get her baby out of prison. $10-20,000.00 for the fine which is unheard of in Mexico and up to $58,000.00 for “Court Costs”?

That rang my bullshit meter to the top of the scale as it did the a good friend of this site who has lived in Sinaloa for many years and is an expert on Mexico.

What is unfortunate is that the mother of Bogan and certain supporters, who immediately after Bogans arrest demanded his release, claiming Mexico had no right to hold an American citizen, would try to profit off of Bogan’s stupidity. I guess mommy and Bogans handful of supporters thought that they, the family and Bogan himself should be rewarded or compensated for his crime. Regrettable and disgusting.

So now, we’re waiting his release, if it hasn’t already occurred and he will of course, get face time before the cameras to plead his innocence, as he’s done before in courtrooms across Texas, and we’re certain he’ll have some wildly bogus story of torture and abuse at the hands of the Mexican authorities. All to be taken with a grain of salt considering the source.

And as we’ve followed this story, the events have also debunked a lot of myths about Mexico and it’s justice system. It worked for Bogan as it was designed to do. Justice was served for all parties concerned. 7 months of a 3 year sentence, in my opinion, is sufficient. It didn’t hurt the boy. He was no stranger to being behind bars.

For me and the rest of us, I’m glad it’s over and looking forward to the tall tales “Wrong Way” Bogan will have to spin about his time in a Mexican prison.

Norte Digital was used as a source for this article