Is this the “New Mexican Revolution”? – Uprising and lynching in Ascension Chihuahua!

The good people of Mexico have has enough and the attempted kidnapping of a young woman in Ascension, Chihuahua, a small town south of the New Mexico border, could well be the catalyst for Mexican citizens to begin to take back their country from the grips of the narco terrorists.

The blatant abduction attempt abduction of a 17-year-old female worker of a seafood restaurant  touched off a burst of mass outrage that left two suspected young kidnappers dead and a small town in open rebellion.

Alerted to the kidnapping, townspeople and soldiers mobilized, freed the victim and detained five alleged kidnappers; one suspect reportedly escaped. Hundreds of angry residents beat two of the detainees, teenagers, and blocked police from rescuing the suspects, who were later pronounced dead. Reportedly, the mother of one of the suspects witnessed her son’s demise.

“La Chona Lights the Fuse,” headlined Ciudad Juarez’s La Polaka newsite, whose director was just granted political asylum in the United States. The news organization couched the report in historical and contemporary terms: “The new Mexican Revolution could have begun this Tuesday in Ascención…”

Ascension policeman turns in weapon to armory during citizen revolt
Ascension Chih. policeman turns in weapon to armory during citizen revolt

After taking control of the Ascension City Hall, the citizens confronted Mayor Rafael Camarillo demanding he call in the cities Police force, long being suspected of being in the control of the cartels. The Mayor complied and confiscated the weapons and badges of 12 of the police force members. The people were pissed, threatening to lynch the Mayor and his cops!

The Ascension uprising drew heaps of praise on the Internet, with more than one writer suggesting that the mass action showed the way forward in a climate of corruption, lawlessness and institutionalized impunity.

According to the Chihuahua state government, three surviving suspects were successfully transferred to Ciudad Juarez. Authorities are investigating the deaths of the other two suspects, said a statement from the administration of Governor Jose Reyes Baeza, which is due to leave office early next month.


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