Industry reaction swift and predictable to FMCSA announcement

As expected, industry reacted in a predictable and negative manner upon todays announcement by FMCSA of its intent to proceed with the Pilot Program.

Among the respondents, the Teamsters were perhaps the most crude and continuing to put out patently false spin. You can read the Press Release Here! But here are some highlights from Jimmy Hoffa.

“It’s outrageous, yet not surprising, that the Bush administration would announce on a Friday during Congress’ August recess that it plans to recklessly move forward with its hugely unpopular program to throw open our border to unsafe Mexican trucks,” said Teamsters General President Jim Hoffa. “President Bush’s fondness for secrecy is matched only by his willingness to defy Congress.

And then they list the reasons, all which have been addressed and disproved.

Among the reasons the Teamsters oppose the pilot program:

  • There is no certified laboratory in Mexico that can test drug and alcohol samples.
  • Mexico does not enforce hours-of-service regulations.
  • The Mexican Commercial Drivers License (CDL) has questionable medical standards and no real assurance that the license is authentic.
  • State databases in the United States do not adequately track Mexican drivers’ history. For example, the Transportation Department’s Office of Inspector General has reported that more than 40,000 traffic violations by Mexican drivers hadn’t been entered into the State of Texas’ database.

Of course OOIDA chimed in saying much the same as Hoffa but in a slightly more polite and reserved manner.

So far, PATT and CRASH have not issued opinions on the matter but it is assured it is only a matter of time.