In Mexico, trailers over 46′ to be restricted to toll road

SCT announced today Mexican truckers with trailers in access of 46 feet will be restricted to the Nuevo Laredo-Monterrey toll road, efective immediatelyThe Secretary of Communications and Transportation (SCT) announced the immediate prohibition of trucks pulling trailers in access of 46 feet, effectively putting all of the Nuevo Laredo to Monterrey freight movements onto the toll road.

In the past, Mexican truckers have opted to take the “free road” to save on tolls that begin at $58.00 for a truck pulling a 53′ trailer. Exceptions are when the shipper agrees to the additional charges to be included in the rate of haul.

Luis Roberto Moreno Sesma, Nuevo Laredo manager for CANACAR (the Mexican counterpart to OOIDA and about as effective) immediately asked for a moratorium on the rule in order to give a period of adjustment to truckers and customers as well as to add the appropriate surcharges to compensate for increased costs.

Violations of the new rule will result in fines levied against those caught averaging $30,000 pesos or about $300 dollars in addition to the $4000 pesos ($400.00) average for the tow truck to remove the offenders.

Enforcement will be by the PFP or Federal Highway Police which oversee compliance of Mexico’s motor carrier regs and hours of service regulations.

The rate for movement of freight between the border and Monterrey and it’s suburbs is currently $350.00 for the 145 mile trip. Expect to add $75.00 to that shortly to cover the additional costs.