ICE: No Proof Home Invasion Suspects Part of Mexican Military

Suspects in Phoenx home invasionThe newest outrage against Mexico going around the blogosphere and on the rabid right wing talk shows and overnight conspiracy fests, is the story of personnel of the Mexican Army being involved in a home invasion and murder in Phoenix Arizona.

When I first heard this, I believe it was on Lou Dobbs nightly hatefest, I was incredulous at the stupidity of the report and that anyone with a lick of sense would believe it.

Now, KFYI in Phoenix is reporting Immigration and Customs Enforcement is saying,

mmigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) said three suspects arrested in a Monday morning Phoenix home invasion and homicide were not members of the Mexican Army.

“We have no indication whatsoever that any of the individuals were involved with formal military in Mexico,” said Vincent Picard of ICE.

That should be enough to put to rest the rumor mill, and heaven forbid, a retraction from those reporting to the contrary, but we know that hasn’t happened nor will it.


Picard went on to add,

He added that all of them were dressed in military tactical gear and armed with AR-15 assault rifles. Three other men involved in the invasion escaped.

Picard said two of the men spent a “significant amount of time” in the Arizona Department of Corrections, adding that they could have picked up their “tactics from other criminals while incarcerated.”

Phoenix police also did not confirm whether the men were from the military despite internal documents showing that they were (see above).

Sgt. Joel Tranter said one suspect revealed that he had “prior military training,” but “no credible evidence” that any of them were active in the military.

Sounds like some wannabe bad asses working for the cartels perhaps.

One blog taking up the issue is Jason Poblete and is filled with information contrary to what is being reported by ICE and Phoenix media.

On the broader question of the Mexican military being involved in this and other crimes along the border area, a Phoenix Police Department document provided by the Association states that “suspects are Mexican military coming into the United States with full tactical gear and police raid shirts to conduct home invasions.

In addition, this blogger implies that Mexico has no sovereignty in matters contrary to America’s interests. I find this interesting since most rabid righties preach about sovereign rights of this nation when they go off on their rants.

Another interesting point is painting Commandante Marcos’ Zapatista Liberation Army of the southern Mexican state of Chiapas as a terrorist organization. The EZLN was founded and dedicated to gaining rights for indigenous peoples of Chiapas state, an endeavor partially accomplished under the administration of Vicente Fox.

And of course, like many who don’t care to debate a contentious and patently erroneous point, comments are closed on that blog.