How can I breach thee, let me count the ways!

An 18 foot ladder comes to mind as does an RPG which are plentiful amongst the cartels in Mexico, thanks to their US suppliers, or how about a load of ANFO. Plenty of mines in the area.

Border Fence Columbus NM COLUMBUS, N.M. — This is not your grandfather’s border fence. The new fence flanking the Columbus port of entry soars 15 feet high and is buried 5 feet into a bed of concrete.

It is made of more than 17,000 6-by-6-inch steel poles. They are filled to the top with concrete and stand only 4 inches apart.

It replaces a stretch of chain-link fence that was sliced into daily by immigrants and smugglers; some vehicle barriers that stopped cars but not humans; and, in places, plain cattle fencing.

This new breed of fence may offer a glimpse into the future of border security in Texas.

Border Patrol officials said this style of fencing has been used in other locations, including Douglas and Sasabe, Ariz., and Calexico, Calif.

Border Fence Columbus NMIt might now be used, with some variation, in the Rio Grande Valley, where the government expects to build 70 miles of fencing by the end of next year, and in El Paso, where a stretch of chain-link fence may be replaced by the sturdier kind. A report specifies the El Paso fence replacement would have to be at least 15 feet high and cut-resistant, although the exact design would be up to the contractor.
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