Hours of Service Revisions for Mexican Truckers coming in second Half of 2017

Mexico Hours of Service
Mexico updating Hours of Service for Federal truck drivers to possibly include ELD’s.

The private sector and federal authorities are preparing to unveil in  second half of this year, new Hours of Service standards for operators of federal motor transportation services, which will regulate the number of hours driving and mandatory rest times.

Felipe de Javier Peña, Vice-President of the Transport Commission of Concamin, reported that the measure has already been approved by the regulatory committee, in which private motor carriers and the SCT participate and cooperate, and will now move to the public comment phase.

“It is very important for the first time to regulate that every driver must have a break of at least 30 minutes for routes of up to 5 hours of driving – dealing with cargo transportation – and mandatory rest times of 8 continuous hours when talking about Routes of more than 14 hours of driving,”

he explained at a press conference accompanied by leaders of ANPACT, ANTP and Canacar.

“This leads us to the management of a blog that is going to be very key and very specific about reporting the breaks (of the operators).”

He reported that this project aims to prevent heavy-haul drivers from driving tired, a factor that, according to the OECD, plays an important role in road accidents.

He added that the monitoring of the physical conditions of the operators will be permanent during the entire journey, so that the authorities can verify them in any part of the route, when previously they could only be done in fixed centers.

In recent days, freight transport units have been involved in road accidents. The most serious occurred on Thursday, April 13, at the Siglo XXI Highway, Morelia-Lázaro Cárdenas, when a passenger bus and a double trailer carrying fuel were impacted head-on, leaving 29 people dead.

In this scenario, the organizations that lead this sector affirmed that they remain committed and occupied by the safety of all the drivers that transit through these roads and reiterated that focusing on a single configuration of cargo will not contribute to reduce the number of accidents. The full differential, they claim, has very special features that enable it to meet safety standards.

Source:Revistas Transportes

What this mean is Mexico is moving towards and Hours of Service standard like those in the US and very similar to Canada’s Hours of Service which are more liberal than ours here in the US.

Up until now, Mexican truckers Hours of Service was codified under labor laws, not SCT  rules.

My read on this, is Mexico will require all of it’s trucks to have ELD capability. That shouldn’t be much of a problem since more than 90% of the national fleet is already equipped with the Qualcomm platform.

Proving the Mexican truckers are not much different from us when it comes to ELD’s and regulations in general, here is some of their comments from the Facebook page .

These are raw translations:

Nar Ciccio JFNo hay lugares seguros para descansar, los sueldos deben de regular por el desempeño de los conductores. Cuidan más a los patrones que a los que están en las carreteras?..!!

(Nar Ciccio JF There are no safe places to rest, salaries should be regulated by the drivers’ performance. They take care of the bosses more than those who are on the roads .. !!

Sound familiar? Here’s a few more…

Rey PalaciosPrimero que acaben con los amantes de lo ageno para poder pararse a descansar de acuerdo a sus normas pendejas y luego el salario que paguen por horas para no te preocupes del los tiempos bueno es una opinión saludos

(Rey Palacios First that they finish with the lovers of ageno to be able to stop to rest according to their pendejas rules and then the salary that they pay for hours so do not worry about the good times is an opinion greetings

Long Haul Driver TruckEn mi opinion les falta muuucho x mejorar el sistema d transporte.pro mientras aiga corrupsion jamas se podra abansar.en pocas palabras.chaqetas mentales.deben d empesar x poner mas paraderos seguros.limitar los pesos acuerdate q la velocidad no t mata.t mata el peso y la dimencion.en este caso el doble remolque.vitacoras electronicas vasculas en los linderos d cada estado.etcya mejor me cayo…

(Long Haul Driver Truck In my opinion they are missing a lot because they improve the transport system.but as long as there is corruption, you can never abanse.In a few words.chaqetas mental.deben d empesar x put more safe places. Limit the weights agree q the speed does not T mata.t kills the weight and the dimension.en this case the double towing.legal electronic bundles in the boundaries d every state.etcya better I fell …

So forth and so on… The same issues we face and are concerned about on our side of the border.

We’ll be keeping an eye on this as it progresses through the lower house and Senate in Mexico.


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