Hoffa: Plan to Open Border to Unsafe Mexican Trucks Is Reckless

Teamsters President James P. Hoffa
Teamsters President James P. Hoffa, responsible for the loss of more than 25,000 American jobs.
As expected, James P. Hoffa came out with the expected denouncement of FMCSA’s announced Cross Border Pilot Program with Mexico late this after noon, and Hoffa didn’t disappoint using his tired worn out mantra of “unsafe” Mexican trucks to lead off his rant.

And, as expected, he is using the targeted violence in Mexico as an excuse saying that his union members will vigorously oppose a dangerous plan to open the border to Mexico, a country ravaged by a drug war. “Vigorously oppose” we suppose means lining the pockets of the politicians he has in his pocket, er, corner, such as California Rep. Duncan Hunter Jr.

The entire silly, sophomoric rant is here if you care to look at it. Here’s some highlights though.

“Do Transportation Department officials read the news?” Hoffa said. “In the past week, eight people were killed in Ciudad Juarez within a half hour. A mass grave was discovered 80 miles from Brownsville, Texas, with 59 bodies in it. A federal prosecutor was kidnapped and murdered in Durango after she’d been on the job for a week. Five men were killed in Taxco during another kidnapping attempt.

“What is it about Mexico’s drug violence that DOT doesn’t understand?” Hoffa said.

So what does that have to do with qualified and professional drivers from vetted and reputable Mexican carriers being allowed into this country? What is it you don’t understand Mr. Hoffa?

Hoffa continues saying he also questions whether DOT officials know that the official U.S. unemployment rate is 8.8 percent. “This proposal threatens the jobs of thousands of American truck drivers and warehouse workers along the border.”

Actually, it threatens not one American job much less a union job. Border states are right to work states and the cross docking and forwarding facilities are non union shops, something we’re sure Hoffa would like to change and probably would have tried had his “Card Check” legislation gone through that would have taken the concept of the secret ballot away from the public.

And we would ask Mr. Hoffa what about the 25,000 and more jobs, the 15% market share lost to other countries in the agribusiness sector, as a result of the legal tariff’s imposed by Mexico in response to your continued corrupt opposition to the cross border program? What about that Hoffa?

Such a sad and pathetic, contemptible little man.

Speaking of which,


OOIDA, realizing the end is near for their opposition to permitting the US to comply with their international obligations, is ramping up the rhetoric, this time with a call to action to pimp Rep. Duncan Hunters letter to colleagues calling for them to stop the Mexican truck program. It’s silly, stupid and an insipid attempt to rely upon the ignorance of their membership to continue to push their campaign of misinformation and lies.

Think it’s bad now folks? Wait until Wednesday when comments open.