Has Rep. Peter DeFazio once again been bought by OOIDA?

After a three year hiatus where we heard nothing from Rep. Peter DeFazio (D-Or) about the Cross Border Pilot Program, despite being one of it’s most outspoken critics at the behest of his handlers at Owner Operator Independent Drivers Association (OOIDA), it appears he is back in the fold spouting the party line in opposition of Mexican trucks in the United States.

According to this article by Transport Topics, DeFazio is certain that Congress has not heard the last about Mexican trucking in the US.

“Congress has told [the Department of Transportation] to put the brakes on cross-border trucking on multiple occasions and with strong bipartisan votes, and I anticipate this topic will come up again this Congress,” said DeFazio, ranking member on the House Transportation Committee.

He went on to say……..

“For the last three years, Congress has been awaiting the results of the department’s so-called ‘pilot’ to test whether or not Mexican carriers pose a safety risk to our roads,”

Where have we heard those words before? OOIDA, I believe, “so called” being a favorite expression of OOIDA Vice President Todd Spencer.

Tread carefully DeFazio, as you watch those dollars surreptitiously make their way into your campaign funds. CANACAR has $3.8 billion reasons for Congress to approve allowing Mexican trucks into this country as we are obligated to do. And ignoring the 1000’s of other Mexican trucks who have full authority to operate her now is a foolhardy gesture.


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