Has Jabin “Wrong Way” Bogan been abandoned by his employer DEMCO EXPRESS?

Jabin "Wrong Way" Bogan
Jabin "Wrong Way" Bogan, Demco Express driver charged with introducing 268,000 rounds of NATO grade ammunition into Mexioc
Since the FMCSA shuttered rogue carrier DEMCO EXPRESS on May 25, 2012, that has been the question asked by many of our readers and followers and it would appear that the answer is a resounding YES!

According to an interview by Fox News 4 with the mother of Demco employee Jabin Akeem Bogan, since the shutdown, Demco owner Dennis Mekenye has been no where to be found.

Bogan is the trucker busted in Cd. Juarez with 268,000 rounds of NATO grade ammunition, a serious violation of Mexico’s anti-gun laws.

In the interview, Aletha Smith, mother of Jabin “Wrong Way” Bogan stated that Demco Express has been paying “her” legal fees and believed that the shutdown of DEMCO EXPRESS would compound her sons “problems”.

We’re talking to our attorney now to find out where do we go from here,” Smith said.

Smith apparently has reason to worry although the representation Demco was paying for was simply going through the motions and was not licensed to practice in Mexico. Bogan is represented by a Mexican public defender as required under Mexican law.

MTO asked a colleague to contact Demco Express this past Saturday and try to ascertain what was happening from that side of the issue. We called the main office number of Demco Express and the call was forwarded to owner Dennis Mekenye’s cell phone.

When asked about Jabin Bogan, Mekenye stated he had nothing to say about Bogan.

When asked about the imminent hazard out of service order, Mekenye’s response was that there is no more DEMCO and he rudely refused to answer any more questions.

Similar efforts to contact Carlos Spector, the El Paso attorney retained to cover the families interests, were unsuccessful.

All of which leads us to believe as we previously stated that the concern of Dennis Mekenye for his imprisoned driver wasn’t so much for Bogan as it was for his potential losses which could top more than $200,000.00. Likewise, United Nations Ammo owner Howie Glaser’s concern was not so much for Bogan as it was for getting his load of ammo delivered. He soon removed from his website any reference to the “innocent trucker detained in Mexico for doing his job” and replaced it with a sales pitch for his goods he peddles to border vigilantes and other fringe members of society.

So what is Jabin “Wrong Way” Bogans status now? He is still being held in the Villa Aldama CEFERESO in Veracruz waiting for a Federal judge to rule on his appeal of his indictment. As we are still 3 weeks away from the Mexican elections, information is difficult to come by due to Mexico’s election laws. Hopefully, on July 1st, we’ll have access to copies of Bogans indictment and other charging documents as well as photos of his “perp walk”.

It is extremely doubtful, in our informed opinion, that the indictment will be set aside and Bogan freed. The most likely scenario still remains, conviction and the minimum sentence of 5 years imposed, which he might be permitted to serve in a US federal prison such as La Tuna in Anthony Texas.