Gunboats on the Rio Grande – The $4.14 million dollar response to politicians hysteria

DPS riverine gunboar
Here's the latest waste of your taxpayer dollars. This 34 foot "shallow water interceptor" with armored plating, bulletproof glass, 6 7.62 caliber machine guns, .50 caliber Barrett sniper rifles costs the taxpayers of Texas $690,000 each. Money wasted to make the politicians feel good and win browning points during this election year.

Hey Texas! What do you think about the latest waste of your hard earned taxpayer dollars? The $4.14 million dollar boondoggle!

Gov. “Slick” Rick Perry’s Texas Highway Patrol just received their first-of-six armored “Shallow Water Interceptor” gunboat. Why does the Texas Highway Patrol all of a sudden need a fleet of armed-to-the-gills gunboats? For the same reason Texas usually arms itself up: MEXICANS!

That right folks, the fear mongers in Austin have brought home the pork big time in the form of the purchase of 6, 34 foot “Interceptor” river patrol craft powered by 3, 300 hp Mercury outboards. They also have bulletproof plating and six machine guns apiece, not unlike the river patrol boats the U.S. Navy used during the Vietnam War. each boat costs $690,000.00 and will be named after fallen DPS troopers.

They’ll be operated by the Texas Department of Public Safety to patrol the Rio Grande river, which has a depth of 2 feet in some places up to a maximum of 24 in other locations. The international boundary between the US and Mexico splits the river in most places.

This should make the wingnuts happy, this unnecessary militarization of our southern border to confront a manufactured “crisis”. The so-called “spillover violence” on the US/Mexican border is largely a product of the imaginations of politicians and others who have used the concept for political gain.

How long will it be before the newly formed Highway Patrol Tactical Marine Unit which will eventually number 40 DPS officers joins those in the Border Patrol who have no hesitation at opening fire with their machines guns at people and claiming they were having rocks thrown at them?

Oh well, the Mexican military has assets on their side of the border which can take one of these out if they start shooting into Mexico.